Apr 28, 2017

It has been a couple of days since we talked about the latest phone from China’s Allcall brand the “AllCall   … read review

Apr 23, 2017

Recently, we have been instilled much information of AllCall Bro, the slogan “No Bro, No Brother.” Especially these two days,   … read review

Apr 13, 2017

After several times battery accident recent years, user all be aware of the battery safety with Smartphone. So AllCall think   … read review

Apr 11, 2017

Cheap Smartphone still often carry the stigma of the unavoidable low quality or a semi defective device. That’s not always   … read review

Apr 8, 2017

We already know most of the important details about the upcoming AllCall Bro Smartphone, and it’s said that AllCall have   … read review

Apr 6, 2017

As people higher and higher demands on Smartphone, mobile phone manufacturers always spare no effort to create more comfortable and   … read review

Mar 30, 2017

More than Dual cameras, AllCall Bro Remarkable Design. AllCall Bro Real Shots for The First Time Exposure. More than Dual   … read review

Mar 22, 2017

We have seen a fair share of leaks and rumors about the upcoming AllCall Bro in the past days and   … read review

Mar 16, 2017

With the “AllCall Bro” released days coming soon, more and more information about AllCall Bro have been show to public.   … read review

Mar 15, 2017

In the smartphone Emerging Markets, more and more smartphone manufacture to constantly update technology and bring better user experience for   … read review

Mar 11, 2017

As a mobile phone developer and manufacturer who has 10 experience in the domestic market, focusing on mobile phone research   … read review

Mar 10, 2017

As we found out here, a new brand called “ALLCALL” come into the international smartphone market with 3D dual camera   … read review

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