Sep 9, 2016

In the past 3 days, Ulefone team presented CTIA exhibition held by the Wireless Association in Las Vegas, USA. Our   … read review

May 26, 2016

Online shop Banggood holds brand sales today for Ulefone with 5 Ulefone devices promoted with discount and free gifts, including   … read review

May 6, 2016

Besides bezel-less display, Ulefone future is also known for a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, which is quite rarely seen on other   … read review

Apr 15, 2016

In the latest video by Ulefone, we see the performance of Ulefone Vienna’s 5.5-inch Sharp LTPS display, which Ulefone claims   … read review

Apr 14, 2016

Ulefone announced today on their blog that their HiFi device Ulefone Vienna has achieved sales of 120,000 units during the   … read review

Apr 13, 2016

Of all Chinese export mobile phone brands, Ulefone is one of a few which really “produce” mobile phones and today   … read review

Apr 8, 2016

From previous introduction, you can see that Ulefone Vienna is beautiful, medodious, snappy and durable smartphone. Now we can tell   … read review

Apr 7, 2016

Even those who choose phones from other brands should admit  that Ulefone are good at design and craftsmanship. Yes we   … read review

Apr 7, 2016

Our HiFi device Ulefone Vienna packs a 3250mAh Sony li-polymer battery, which is expected to offer the energy for one-day   … read review

Apr 3, 2016

We hereby sincerely invite you and representatives of your company to visit our booth at Global Resources Exhibition from 18th   … read review

Apr 1, 2016

All who interested in Ulefone Vienna must be wondering what its 13MP back camera Panasonic MN34150 feels like. And may   … read review

Mar 31, 2016

Chinese brands are high on making devices with stunning specs since the beginning of 2016. Earlier we have Xiaomi, VIVO,   … read review

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