11 Best Apps for Text Editing

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Writing an interesting, literate, high-quality text is no easy task. You need to solve a lot of intermediate tasks: find inspiration, an idea, working tools, sources for spell-checking, proofreading, and editing. Once they take on this process, it begins to seem hopeless to many, and they give it up.

It turns out that in the twenty-first century, the process of writing texts can be much easier! There are quite a few modern, interesting programs designed specifically for people who write texts in the free access network. Moreover, there are simple programs designed to perform simple tasks and dilettantes of the pen. And there are quite sophisticated multi-functional services and programs used by professional writers in their hard work.

Microsoft Word
The first assistant to the novice writer is, of course, the text editor. Without it, it is simply impossible to put letters into words. Microsoft Word is a basic program with a huge set of working tools that can help with spell-checking, formatting, and editing. In addition to text, you can work with images, use templates, inserts, links, and more.

LibreOffice is a program that competes with Microsoft Office. Their functionality is very similar, but if the first service must be purchased, then LibreOffice is free! It can be used for working with documents, basic text editing, creating presentations, and viewing and working with spreadsheets.

Google Docs
This is a super-development of Google, which millions of users around the world appreciated. The functionality here is more modest than in previous editors, but the interface is much more convenient and understandable. Plus a huge advantage – it’s possible to work over the network. That is, you do not need to carry a flash drive with your documents. You can work with your files from any device connected to the Internet. Several people can work with one document at the same time. It is very convenient for editing. Moreover, most writers who are asked to write my paper for me use this editor

Microsoft Word Online
Word Online is a program designed as an alternative network version of your favorite Office. It lets you work with your documents in full: view them, make edits, and create new documents that open in the standard Office. Like Google Docs, it can be used for basic work with texts. A big plus of this service is the ability to work online for free. It is also possible to access a file by several users at the same time to make edits and comments together. This is very convenient for collaborative work – students and teachers, supervisors and implementers, and others.

A godsend for researchers and people who work on complex texts with lots of charts, tables, and footnotes. You do not need to worry about how to make the text readable and visually appealing. It takes care of that for you. Plus, it’s free.

An editor for texts, similar in functionality to the previous one. With its help, you can also create complex presentations, insert charts, tables, and technically complex data. Appreciated by users because of its simple interface.

Scrivener is a service focused on long work on the text using additional sources. It can also be a godsend for researchers who constantly have to draw information from different sources, and want to have them always at their fingertips. It is a kind of planning assistant, organizing information and allowing you to think through every step of the work.

An ideal program for writers who create author content, or editors. The app is as relaxation-oriented as possible. You can set your favorite music by listening to it while you work on your document. The service is designed for inspiration, easy access to information, and a positive work attitude.

Another program that takes care of the spiritual and emotional state of its user. It has an easy and intuitive interface, as well as many visual and sound effects that help create the most favorable atmosphere for productive work.

Final Draft
A service designed specifically for screenwriters. It allows you to easily organize what you have written so that the text takes on the format you want. The program is also useful because it gives you little clues as to the possible development of the plot. It can be used not only as a working tool but also as a muse.

A godsend for writers and screenwriters. The program can keep track of storylines and key characters, helping to work on the content of the text. Has a user-friendly and clear interface.

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