6 Facts You Must Know Why Riding E-Bike could be Life-saving

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Facts have proved that riding an electric bike can not only provide convenience for your life but also improve the environment and save lives. Here are the 6 facts you must know why riding an e-bike can save lives.

Enhance your body
According to some research, riding an e-bike can improve your physical fitness just as much as riding a regular bike. Although riding an e-bike is pedal assistance, it is still a sport, so it is good for both physical and mental health.

Takes less to make an e-bike
The production of cars generates 1.2 billion cubic meters of pollution per year, and the production of electric bike requires far less natural resources. Choosing electric bikes over cars also helps the environment to a great extent.

Reduces traffic
The use of electric bikes has greatly reduced traffic jams, cause the size of an electric bike is much smaller than that of a car.

Save forest
Much less rubber is used in the manufacture of electric bikes and tires, which helps prevent deforestation for rubber cultivation.

To reduce the noise
Compared to traditional cars, e-bikes use electricity and the sound of the engine is negligible. The impact on the surrounding environment is minimal, and if you don’t honk the horn no one will even notice an e-bike driving past. It is good for maintaining the essence of the environment.

Clean energy
Someone traveling 40 miles by themselves in a car every day has been found to be accountable for over 7,000kg of CO2. An individual riding an e-bike would be emitting just 300kg of CO2. To contribute to the mitigation of global warming.

Riding an E-bike can literally be good for your body and protect the environment. One small step can make a big difference. Just like the butterfly effect, one small choice you make could inadvertently save many lives.


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