A Brief Comparison between Ulefone Paris and iPhone 6S Cameras

Posted in Oct 30, 2015 in News, Smartphones, no comment

Ulefone today made a video to show the photography performance of Ulefone Paris and iPhone 6s, claiming that the comparison is for the company to find where they will go to optimize the 5-inch device’s OV13850 13MP camera.



In the video we can see that iPhone 6s has better white balance so the sky is not over-exposed. And thanks to the software algorithms, the videos are more stable on the iPhone. On the other hand, it seems to us that the photos taken by Ulefone Paris have better sharpness on the edge of objects. And under very low light, Paris is able to capture objects while iPhone 6s can’t, though the colors of Ulefone Paris turn to purple.

Ulefone says on their blog that their optimization will mainly be focused on white balance and color tendency. Last week, Ulefone had a giveaway encouraging users to give suggestions for software optimization and most the feedbacks are about photography, too. And Ulefone has promised to release updates to improve the camera later.

In addition, Ulefone is now having a good promotion for the Paris, where USD149.99 will be able to buy the device plus a flip cover and a tempered glass protector.


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