A Simple Guide to Choose The Best Mouse

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It might sound basic but not every mouse is the same, there are a few key things to consider that will affect both your comfort and usability. Find The Right Mouse By Answering These 4 Questions.

The Best Mouse

Big or Small Size?
The standard size is ideal for most daily situations, as it is the right size for the average hand. On the other hand, if you are traveling, going to uni, college or a business trip, a slim or even foldable design is a compact option.

High or Low DPI?
DPI measures the sensitivity. A higher number means that you can cover more screen space with only a slight movement of their wrist. 400-800 dpi is the standard. You may feel inconvenient to adopt the high dpi mouse at first,but it can protect your wrist and make reactions playing games faster.

Optical or Laser Mouse?
Optical – Cheap price, easy maintenance, multiple options on the market, optical is the most popular mainstream.Though it can’t work on glass, it’s easy to use with a pad or a book.
Laser – Using Laser instead of LED light, a laser mouse will work on almost any flat surface including glass.

Normal or Vertical
If your job or gaming causes your wrist or forearm to feel tired or sore, a vertical mouse keeps your palm vertical with the table, reduce most of the common joint stresses.


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