About us

We are a young team of passionate big fans of gadgets and for some time now we are testing various Android products (tablets, smartphones, smartwatches & Mini Pc) for companies from China, providing to the communities of fans solutions & HD video tutorials with detailed guidance, fixes & workarounds.

‘China Gadget Reviews’ covers the latest gadget news, reviews and tech deals on tablets, mobile phones, computer accessories, DVD, digital cameras, GPS, laptops and netbooks, focusing on China’s market devices.

The site is owned and operated by Dan Stefan, product reviewer, tech reporter and solution provider for some devices.


If your company is interested in what we are doing here, please send us your device and we’ll write an honest and comprehensive review for your product, including high-quality photos, FHD videos, benchmarks and other tests. Also, if you want your banner or link on our tech site, feel free to email us your proposal via the below contact form. We offer free advertising for companies who send us gadget samples to review.

We are also offering great advertising support for all chinese online stores. 

Shipping method: anything except DHL.

What are we looking to test and review next, so you can feel free to send us:
– Dual Boot Android / Windows tablets
– Windows tablets
– Windows Mini PC
– 64 bit CPU smartphones
– bluetooth speakers (Earson, etc)
– Action Camera & Ant IP Camera
– Smart watches
– EZCast new devices
– memory cards, memory solutions, HDD, SSD

– Smart Home devices
– Intelligent Toys.