AirPods Alternatives i10 & i12: Choose the Best Pair for You

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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have been thrust into limelight since the second half of 2018, among which the AirPods alternatives such as i10 and i12 are leading the pack.

These earbuds can turn almost any space into your own personal bubble of music by blocking the noise from the surroundings while allowing you to enjoy the convenience and joy brought by the genuine AirPods, let along the big expense (at least 80%-90%) they save for you.

They only annoyance is to make the right choice among the i10 and i12 earbuds considering that they vary widely in price and each model have a couple of variants, despite the fact that they look almost identical to each other. From sound quality to getting them set up, there’s a lot to understand, so let’s get started.

The i10 TWS Earbuds carries the mission of bringing the AirPods experience to the budget league without sacrificing the performance.

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Chipset: Actions 3003
Wireless Charging: No
Bilateral Call: No
Impedance: 16Ω
Frequency Range:20-20000HZ
Battery capacity:300mA
Bluetooth version:5.0
Single earphone Battery Capacity:30mA
Working time: 2.5 Hours
Charging time: 1.5 Hours

Apods i10 with Wireless Charging
Apods i10 aims to be the best alternative for the new AirPods by making Wireless charging into reality. Still, the application of Realtek 8763BFR chip is a godsend as it guarantees greater speed and stability in connection then the Actions chip, plus the clean and well-balanced sound.

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Chipset: Realtek 8763BFR
Wireless Charging: Yes
Bilateral Call: Yes
Impedance: 32Ω ± 15%
Frequency: 24HZ-2480HZ
Microphone sensitivity: +-40DB
Battery capacity: 500mA
Charging Time.: 1Hour
Music / Talk Time: 4Hours

In comparison, the Apods i10 earbuds will definitely perform better in audio as it is equipped with the renowned Realtek chip. The support for bilateral call allows you to use each of the earbuds independtly. Moreover, the 500mAh charging box of the Apods i10 will allow the earbuds to be charged more times than the i10(300mAh). Most notably, Apods i10 brings wireless charging at your fingertips. This is something that the i10 earbuds fail to do.

The Apods i10 could be the choice if you are looking for a pair of truly wireless earbuds with outstanding audio performance and more stable connection while delivering the convenience of wireless charging. The only downside is the cost, 40-50% higher than the i10. Meanwhile, the price could be the most attractive aspects of the i10 TWS wireless earbuds if you are on a budget.

Note: The charging cases of both editions of i10 are distinctive from that of the AirPods because they have LED indicators on the front and the lack of the mechanical button on the back.
i12 Standard Edition vs Apods i12 Upgrade Edition

i12 Standard Edition
The i12 earbuds offer features more than the price-tag it carries. They wear the same look as the AirPods.

Chipset: Bluetrum BT8812
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Bilateral Call: Yes
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 123dB
Frequency response: 20-2000Hz
Charging time: 1 Hour
Working time: 2-3 Hours
Battery capacity: 300mAh

Apods i12 Upgrade Edition
The i12 is meant to be the second-to-none choice among the multiple alternatives available on the market which draw from AirPods for inspiration for those looking for the quality AirPods Knockoffs.

Chipset: Realtek 8763BFR
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Frequency: 24Hz – 24800Hz
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 96dB
Charging time: 1 Hour
Working time: 3-4 Hours
Battery capacity: 350mAh

Identical in appearance to the AirPods, the i12 is a pair of wonderful wireless earphones dotted with uncompromised specs available on the market at a great price.
Compared with the standard edition, the Apods i12 Upgrade Edition not only ensures more stable connectivity but also give s a competitive edge over the i12 Standard Edition in sound quality.

However, that`s just one side of the story. It isn’t a win-win. If you focus more on the hassle-free and best listening experience, then get a pair of Apods i12 Upgrade Edition. If you are on a tight budget and not in favor of the white color, i12 Standard Edition should be for you. You will get the chance to pick from the 4 color variants: Black, White, Blue, Red.
What is your choice?

Personally, I would opt for a pair of Apods i10 since I have an iPhone X and I am a music lover. The appearance is not my first consideration. What about you? Leave your comment here to receive a coupon for any of the abovementioned AirPods alternatives.

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