AllCall Bro will release more colors? Apple Red and Jewelry Blue may be available!

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From AllCall Bro released it have passed over one month, I believed many AllCall Smartphone got AllCall Bro already. These days, we can see many reviewers about AllCall Bro recently, Dual cameras, metal body, elegant design, front finger print, and software experience are the common accepted tags for AllCall Bro. From feedback and orders, it seems AllCall Bro have good performance in first presale round.

AllCall Bro

Of course, every manufacture would not miss the good momentum; usually they will “burn the fire more vigorously”. These days hot hearsay about AllCall Bro will release more color variant.

No exactly words about which color AllCall Bro will release, but to discuss the hot popular color in 2017. Apple Red must be the most hot choice after the release of the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus coming out in a new shiny red body, many Chinese phone makers have followed with their own Red variant of their devices. And Jewelry Blue, Honer and meziu use it to their new smartphone too. From the trends stand, I bet there is great possibility that AllCall Bro wouldn’t miss the chance.

Besides the Apple Red and jewelry blue, other color like gray, black, rose gold and pink all have abundant customer groups. AllCall Bro has two color choices: black and gold, there should be another hot topic and orders if really have more color choices, more customers covered in color after all.

AllCall Bro

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  1. 1 June said:

    waho….. more attractive than black an golden, I feel some lost buy a golden , but performance is ok. Iike the dual camres effects.

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