AllCall Mix 2 Would Packing 8GB + 256GB Big Storage

Posted in Dec 24, 2017 in News, Smartphones, no comment

It is absolutely a trend that future Android smartphones will be equipped with big storage.

AllCall Mix 2

The mobile phone manufacturing technology is one reason, and people’s bigger storage requirement is another. From the former 2+8 GB to mainstream 4+64GB, but this time AllCall Mix 2 may bring 8+256 GB unimaginable biggest storage! Right now, 4GB of RAM might be the mainstream storage in middle configuration market and a small part for high end smartphones on the market is 6 GB RAM+64GB RAM. 8GB+256GB is rarely seen at present as the cost itself.

Software is developed along with the hardware. We can easily find out that the functions of the software are getting better but also getting bigger, and the storage capacity is getting higher and higher. Especially for the application of virtual reality VR / AR in recent years, it is more and more shorten buy the small stroage. So we believe bigger storage must get more frequent operating and there is always some reason that AllCall MIX2 may packing 8GB+256GB, just like some words said Allcall mix2 set to feature AR, which indeed have higher requirements on the stroage.

As far, much informations with AllCall Mix 2 point that AllCall Mix2 must be the coming strongest model, so pay more attention to the official get the latest confirm information.


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