Allwinner A63 High-Performance Flat-Panel Processor, the Most Competitive 2K Solution

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Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd. (300458) officially announces the release of the A63 high-performance flat panel processor at its eco-system partner conference, APC 2017. In addition to supporting an improved interface it also offers features such as dual MIPI and eDP screen, can drive a single display resolution of up to 2560 * 1600, with powerful video and audio decoding capabilities and image rendering technology. This will position the A63 as the most competitive 2K tablet processor on the market providing the foundation for a range of derivative devices to use utilize these benefits.

Allwinner A63

The developing trend of the tablet market is to differentiate! Allwinner will carry on investing heavily in research and development, continuing its commitment to providing resources and technical support in this area. The A63 signifies a new chapter in the story as we continue development for the next generation of devices. “With the demand from consumers to update the upgrade, being the first in the market to support 2K resolution display with more powerful decoding capabilities and processing power will offer an incentive to do so.” Said General Manager Han Mingxing

The A63 chip features a quad core ARM A53 CPU with an independent single core 32KB L1 I-cache + 32KB L1 D-cache and 512KB L2 cache. Graphics are powered by a MaliT760 GPU which supports OpenGLES 3.2 as well as Vulkan and is compatible with DDR3 / LPDDR3 / EMMC and other flash memory formats. Providing a rich audio / video interface and common interface, with H.265 / VP94K @ 60fps, H.264 4k @ 30fps video decoding and other powerful processing features, all housed in a package size of only 15x15mm.

Alongside the A63’s strong screen interface capabilities and breakthrough in achieving a single-screen resolution of 2560 * 1600, with enhanced rendering quality, it is also the first to support dual MIPI screens. The dual-screen output can achieve 1920 * 1080 @ 60fps, with the powerful H.265 / VP9 4K video decoding capabilities. Further optimization is offered by the third generation of Smartcolor (Smartcolor 3.0) with its quality enhancement engine, allowing the user to enjoy a richer, more engaging visual experience.

Smartcolor 3.0 color system software has been independently researched and developed and is currently in its third generation. With a number of national patent certifications, Smartcolor 3.0 has integrated intelligent noise reduction, ultra-resolution display, elite to interlaced, color enhancement, skin color protection, intelligent backlighting and other video display / processing technologies. Each frame image is finely optimized with strict detection of each point of the flaws culminating from a decade of research and development, with the goal of creating the most comfortable viewing experience possible.

With the growing trend of intelligent voice interaction based on voice input, the concept of voice simplification is supported on A63 via compatibility for a multi-microphone array. It can support up to 5 channels of analog voice signal input and stereo ADC, DAC, step by step improving the voice pre-processing process. Cooperating with eco-partners to study voice recognition, voice control and other software algorithms, we believe the A63 is ideal for integrating this technology.

After several rounds of market reshuffling, Allwinner Technology has again established itself as a leader in the flat panel segment. The A63 processor represents a continuation of this success built on the basis of innovation and in turn helping customers build the most competitive 2K smart tablet devices thus driving the market forward. This creates opportunities for new vertical applications and follows the industry trend of differentiated applications. Some of these applications include intelligent POS machines, cloud based photo frames, intelligent projection, AI and other areas that benefit from integrating flat-panel technology all with the end result of superior performance and better customer service!



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