Aune XC1 Latest Digital Audio Clock

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Aune Audio, following their latest release of X5s 8th-anniversary edition desktop music player, has released their latest digital audio clock, the Aune XC1.

Aune XC1

The latest XC1 is built by the same team behind the successful S1C audio clock from Aune Audio. It uses a high-quality OCXO clock source and 2*2 sets of isolated clocks for output signal that brings drastic improvements in the output signal.

While most of the audio clocks in the market have a hefty price tag and the performance consistency of DIY products is doubtful, the Aune XC1 comes to your rescue with an attractive price tag of just 299$. It is made by an experienced team with years of experience in the industry creating a pleasurable musical experience for audio lovers.

2*2 Set of Interface Output
Aune XC1 supports them all, it simply doesn’t matter what your stack has, a digital turntable, a decoder, or an all-in-one machine like the latest X5s 8th Anniversary edition, the XC1 supports 4 channels of digital clock synchronization and isolation output, providing you a proper synchronization between the devices.

Made With Best Quality Components
Aune XC1 is made using high-quality components on the motherboards. The brand has carefully chosen each and every single unit to ensure quality performance. The motherboard plug-in capacitors use Panasonic or Sanyo capacitors, Panasonic ECPU capacitors on the clock circuit chip. It has a micro-volt noise chip cascade on the power supply portion.

– Made by an experienced team behind the highly acclaimed S1C audio clock.
– 2*2 sets of interface output.
– Properly synchronize all your devices altogether.
– High-quality audio components.
– Panasonic or Sanyo audio capacitors.
– Panasonic ECPU capacitors.
– Price: 299$.

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