Beelink Expand M: SSD Storage & Docking Station Presale with 40% discount

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Expand M is a new multifunctional gadget designed by Beelink. It integrates the functions of SSD mobile hard drives and four-in-one expansion docks. It is compact and easy to carry. It can meet the needs of the daily port expansion and additional fast storage needs and supports a variety of platform equipment. Expand M uses an all-metal material, which further provides high drop resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong heat dissipation characteristics, which can effectively extend the service life.

Expand M Features
– Screen mirroring projection
– 4 in 1 port integration
– Expansion peripheral connection
– Support 4K output
– Switch SSD working status with one key
– M.2 SSD mobile storage
– Full metal body
– Scalable computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones.

Expand M functions
First of all, Expand M is a USB-C 4-IN-1 Docking Station. Expand M has HDMI HD video port*1, which can support 4K output, so you can connect any device with USB-C (support DP alt mode) to a monitor or TV with HDMI port through Expand M, including mobile phones and tablets Computers and laptops can expand a large screen, allowing you to watch on a larger screen. Expand M has two USB-A 3.0. In our actual test, the average speed can reach 107MB/s. Whether you use USB-A to connect an external hard drive to transfer files or connect peripherals, you can get a good speed, and there is no latency.

Expand M has a USB-C input port, supports PD fast charge protocol, and can be connected to a power adapter of up to 100w to directly supply power to connected devices. Expand M extended USB-C cable is a USB-C output port, supports DP ALT MODE function can output video and audio signals, supports 100W PD fast charge protocol, can also be used as an output transmission port, the highest speed can reach 440MB/s.

Expand M has a built-in M.2 2280 SSD slot and adopts the third-generation SATA transmission protocol. Measured SSD data transmission speed can reach 440MB/s, and it can support up to 4TB expansion. The customized USB-C extension cable uses the FPC cable, and the metal wire is wrapped by rubber. It is soft and bendable and can be folded at will without damaging the cable.

The read and write the life of SSD is determined by the constitution of the storage particles, but the service life of the best storage particles is fixed. Expand M can switch the operating state of the SSD through the specially designed “M” key. When the green light is on When the SSD is in working condition, when the blue light is on, the SSD will stop reading and writing to extend the service life of the SSD. If you connect a mobile device such as a laptop, it can also reduce power consumption Extend the use time of mobile devices.

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