Bluboo Picasso will be officially released on March. It will keep ‘U’ Type design

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We all know that the most important protection for smartphone nowadays is the glass outside the display. To protect the display, many phone manufactures choose enhanced glass such as famous brand Corning Gorilla Glass.


As enhanced glass material, it is solid but fragile. Usually, the glass break with a shock with solid stuff. So even if your smartphone has protection from glass, you still can not make sure your phone screen safe when it dropped on floor. The most factors to cause screen break is the hardness of glass, the way how your phone drops and the hardness of floor when phone drop down. But people didn’t notice one point, that is how the glass is wrapped by phone frame.

That means when your phone drops, even if the force not goes to glass directly, but the shock still can deliver from phone frame to glass to cause screen break if the protection glass is contacted with phone frame directly. Now, some phone manufacture has noticed this point and founded way to solve it. Phone manufacture OnePlus adopts one kind of “V” Type suspended screen tech on its flagship phone. The main feature of this tech is that it designs an “V” type gap between glass an phone frame. This gap could reduce the shock when phone drop down with frame on floor. To provide better product quality and using experience is necessary responsibility of every enterprise. Bluboo still insist this point.

On recent new product Picasso, Bluboo continues to adopt “U” type suspended screen tech similar with Oneplus “V” type tech to provide better protection for Bluboo smartphone.

Picasso is a new product will be released on March, 2016. Its main specs:
Model: Picasso (multi-color options)
CPU: MT6580 Quad-core
Screen: 5.0 inch On-cell, HD 1280x720p, Anti blu-ray display
ROM: 16GB eMMC5.0
Camera: 8.0mp front +8.0mp rear
Battery: 2500mAH  Li-polymer
Retail Price: only $69.99 (no $99.99 announced before)



Bluboo-Picasso Bluboo-Picasso Bluboo-Picasso Bluboo-Picasso Bluboo-Picasso

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