Borophone BE10 – Innovative 2-in-1 Wireless Earphone

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Borophone BE10 is an intuitive 2-in-1 wireless earphone that combines Bluetooth earphones and a mono headset for phone calls. It is a revolutionary product that has been designed to quickly and easily switch from work to home mode.

Borophone BE10

The BE10 is more of a modular earphone, and can, therefore, be used in different places. Whether you at the gym, at the shopping mall or in your office, the BE10 is all that you need for your varying audio needs.

Borophone BE10 Features
– 2-in-1. By saying 2-in-1, we mean that the BE10 has 2 modes; single-channel made and a dual channel mode.When you’re using the earphones, the headset rests on a mini USB necklace-like dongle wire around your neck. And when you’re ready to talk, the headset automatically comes off and goes to your ear with the help of a handy era hook, so that you can make a call. Instead of owning multiple sets of earphones and headsets to cater for your varying audio needs, the 2-in-1 design concept will save you lot of time for you. The design will also unburden you eras when performing rigorous tasks such as running, riding and performing other sports while minimizing the risks involved while using the conventional earphones.
– Wireless. Armed with a V4.2 Bluetooth version, the BE10 is easily paired with up to two devices that are Bluetooth enabled. By using the power button on the headset, you can easily connect to two different devices at the same time. You can also switch to any device that receives a call. Whether you’re using the earphones or just the headset, you’re always connected. The wireless V4.1 chip decodes and transmits perfect music and sound of any frequencies over an effective distance of 10 meters.
– Design. While the BE10 is not the most aesthetic wireless earphone, it still has an alluring and riveting design. The earphone has an abrasive blasting, highly optimized in-ear headphone design, suitable for long-time wearing.
You would appreciate noting that the design of the BE10 is not just inclined to the superficial appeal, but also to the pragmatic appeal.
For instance, the earphones themselves have a fairly ergonomic in-ear fit. Also, the earphone sports a cutting-edge metallic housing that has been molded using the proprietary CNC mo|ding.Other structural design features include water and sweat resistant properties, which makes the earphone good for sports.
– Earphone. If you expect the BE10 to lose a little bit with the Bluetooth codec sound, you are dead wrong; the earphone sounds quite good and has a superb connection. Even though there is no specific frequency range on the Borofone BE10 wireless earphones, it does a quite a great job. The great sound can partly be attributed to the 10mm moving-coil technology that offers a more stable sound quality and conveys the most dulcet music.
– Headset. The headset is great at picking up voices, and the noise cancellation technology rejects a lot of the background noises naturally, making the calls even clearer.
– Editors Verdict. The Borofone BE10 wireless earphone is a superb and innovative design that many people would enjoy. However, the product has been tailored for individuals who want to have a good sounding earphone with noise cancellation properties but also spend most of their time on the phone.

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 Borophone BE10

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