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Coupon Code Alert! You can now buy Topshak TS-VC1 5 Gallon Wet and Dry Vacuum 3-Functions Vacuum 16Kpa Dry/Wet/Blow Cleaner with Wheel from with 10$ off if you’ll use our coupon code: BG1523c8. Hurry up, limited time offer, it expires on 2021-10-31!

Topshak TS-VC1

Topshak Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaners make anything possible when cleaning. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, they don’t just suck up dust, lint and other dirt, but also get rid of much rougher and even damp dirt, water and other liquids. This makes them the idea helper in the workshop and outside areas. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a versatile cleaning appliance that not only removes dry dust but is also ideal for removing wet spills. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t use bags but two devices to separate wet spills and dry dust. The vacuum cleaners also come with interchangeable brushes which are designed for wet spills and dry dust.

1. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are more flexible to use than regular vacuum cleaners.
2. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning both dry dust particles and wet spills. However, regular vacuum cleaners can be used only for dry substances.
3. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners prove to be more economical than regular cleaners as the former performs more tasks than the later with both of them available at the same price.
4. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be used on variety of surfaces and in different environments like in a backyard while regular cleaners can only be used on limited areas and surfaces.

Topshak TS-VC1 Features
– Dry, wet and blow three functions: The wet and dry vacuum cleaner does not need to replace cleaning tools, can easily remove wet and dry garbage such as dust and dirty water, and also has the function of drying the floor.
– 20L dust bin: Large-capacity dust bin, which can store more garbage, avoiding the trouble of frequent garbage cleaning.
– 1000W copper wire motor: 1000w high power, providing strong suction, dust collection faster, cleaner and more energy-saving, pure copper wire motor lasting and more durable.
– Detachable design of base wheels: easy to disassemble, no need to carry, lighten the burden, the base wheel design is more convenient to move.
– 4.5m power cord: super long power cord, large cleaning range, which can meet most cleaning needs.

Topshak TS-VC1 Topshak TS-VC1

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