Cube iWork 10 Flagship Tablet BIOS Settings

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Cube iWork 10 Flagship Tablet BIOS

The Aption/AMI BIOS of Cube iWork 10 Flagship Tablet is one of the most complete among those available on Windows tablets. It really has dozens of options not available on other products. You will find also an Android section. Here you’ll find a Video & Photo Gallery with unboxing of Cube iWork 10 Flagship Tablet and here is the first run of the device. High resolution photo album here.

If you need it, I have made a back-up of Cube iWork 10 Flagship Tablet BIOS. You can download it from here, here or here. (3,90 MB).

I advise everyone to make a copy of a working BIOS, if possible, before doing BIOS experiments. To do that you can simple use the provided AfuWin64 v. software from the links above. If you disabled USB in the BIOS, or if you did another mess in device BIOS, only overwriting NVRAM can reset BIOS settings. In this way, there is no need to open the case, to teardown the device to be able to reset the CMOS. All the actions are made from Windows environment, so your tablet has to be able to boot into Windows. All the following actions that are you will do next are entirely at your own risk. 

BIOS details

Archive name: Cube iWork10 Flagship tablet BIOS
Archive size: 3,90 MB
Archive content:  AfuWin64 v. & Cube iWork10 Flagship.romCube iWork10 Flagship.rom
BIOS Vendor: American Megatrends (Aption / Ami)
Core version: 5.011 / 05.11
Compliancy: UEFI 2.4, PI 1.3
Project version: B3D6_I15-TL.211 X64 / 00.06
Firmware ID: 1ATFG006
Build Date and Time: 03/17/2016 17:47:53
BIOS Chip Name: Winbond 25X/Q Series  
For flashing NVRAM:
1. Download the above archive. It is better to extract the content to the disk C.
2. Open as administrator AfuWin64 v.\AFUWINGUI.exe.
3. Open original backuped bios. Uncheck default ‘Main BIOS Image’ and check only NVRAM box. Press Flash. And best of all, start a command prompt as administrator and type, for example: C:\AfuWin64 v.\AFUWINGUI.exe BIOS.rom /N
4. Press exit and restart the PC. After boot go into the BIOS and reset settings to default.


Cube iWork 10 Flagship Tablet BIOS

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  1. 1 Fabio A. Escobar said:

    Hi, I am an iwork10 user and need help: Several times I have formatted the hd of my tablet trying to remove Android and its dual boot interface and returns and reconfigures to its original state. In one of these processes, I was able to achive the interface of Americantrends, its motherboard interface, and immediately appeared the logo Of windows 10 and its boot was immediate. I lost this condition and I could not get it back. Could someone please help me in the process?With the Switchnow link that someone posted on the TechTblets forum, I got rid of the dual boot. I still have the Chinese characters and it takes a lot of time meanwhile, and then comes win10 logo. The process is a so slow. My specific question: At the boot, how do I get Americantrends interface and then win10.?? ( a lot!!!Fabio

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