Some Design Philosophy of AllCall Mix2 Want to Tell

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As we expected for a long time. These days the AllCall brand chairman have released a confirm information about the news spread in the internet, also briefly explained the design concept behind AllCall MIX2. ‘From we start this model, we just want to design a smartphone following all latest hot trends, and try to meet all important features in your minds’, the chairman said.

AllCall Mix2

Come to the trends in industry in 2018, the “full screen” must be top hot topic. Since Xiaomi MIX2 released, created a breakthrough smartphone screen style, also this kind immersive display almost cater all peoples favor. We believe in the next long period, “full screen” will still be a popular hot trend, so in AllCall Mix2 we make some upgrade and perfect some details, create a full screen 2.0.

Meanwhile, besides the full screen, we can see the coming trends: fast wireless charging and face ID technology. Nowadays, smartphone not just a commendation device for us anymore, as a life partner, we need a more safety unlock technology and more convenient charging method. AllCall MIX2 ‘s wireless charging and face ID will revolutionary change the charge way and safe protect. In the core configuration, we also adopting the latest Helio P23 chip, achieved a excellent performance and speed.

AllCall MIX2 as the first full screen smartphone packing fast wireless charging, face ID technology, it meet us initial product concept “create one smartphone to satisfy your all hot and fashion demands”. we are also realize the fierce competition in smartphone industry and the fast speed of products’ technological innovation, we need create more customer favor device in the future.


AllCall Mix2


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