DOOGEE S90 Night Vision Camera Module, a New World of Possibilities

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DOOGEE S90 Night Vision Camera Module, a New World of Possibilities for Photographers.


Fresh from the S series, the DOOGEE S90 is a brand new modular phone that’s come to revolutionize the smartphone industry. The concept of a modular phone might not be a novelty, but this S series not only hits the mark, but also sets new standards for its potential counterparts. Equipped with four different modules- the night vision camera, walkie talkie, power and game modules – DOOGEE S90 is a game changer for all tech-savvy users out there. Easily to be installed, all the modules snap onto the phone perfectly by magnets, and users can swap them in a snap again. Magnet snap, tap the APP and enjoy the expandable night vision camera.

A New World of Possibilities for Photographers
One of the most spectacular new features DOOGEE S90 gifts its users with is the opportunity to take photography to an entire new level. The night vision camera module provides all photography lovers and outdoors enthusiasts with the perfect weapon for their endeavours, packed with all the specs they could dream of. The impressive configuration of the night vision camera includes:
– 12 times more light sensitive than the ordinary camera;
– Big aperture;
– SONY 131°super wide-angle;
– 6.18’’ FHD+ premium screen.

Besides the 16MP + 8MP AI rear cameras and 8MP selfie camera of the S90, such an exciting range of attributes is sure to get the hearts of many racing. The possibilities for quality photography are nearly endless, but nothing comes quite close to matching the doors DOOGEE S90 opens for night time photography.

Night Time Photography Has Never Looked Better
While smartphone cameras have undoubtedly evolved beyond what was ever thought possible, the DOOGEE S90’s night vision camera module managed to take yet another step further.

Thanks to its unmatched light sensitiveness and large aperture, pictures taken in pitch black environments and surroundings acquire a quality never before seen, surpassing even those taken in broad daylight by inferior equipment. For nature lovers who find pleasure in exploring dark caves, wild and inhabited paradises and holding campfire party, the night vision module is the ally they’ve been waiting for to finally snap perfect pictures of their surroundings – despite the lack of light and clarity. Even stand-alone cameras often find it hard to come up with good, or even just decent pictures, when the photographer is confined to a space that lacks proper lightning. This problem DOOGEE S90 tackles easily with its night vision camera module.

Also equipped with a SONY 131°super wide-angle, capturing the entirety of any scenario becomes a seamless feat with this module. The results are high quality pictures, capturing the whole beauty and texture of any landscape or moment, near impossible to replicate by other cameras. Plus, furnished with a 6.18’’ FHD+ resolution screen, even the smallest, most irrelevant detail will be taken in by the DOOGEE S90’s night vision camera, regardless of the amount of brightness available at the time and place. Besides, a technical shooting button on the side frame enables the user to capture picture easier.

The Game Changer Photographers Need
It’s not just all the possibilities DOOGEE S90 brings to the table as a phone that make it a game changer. While modular phones aren’t necessarily a brand new concept, a night time vision camera module of this quality is truly unprecedented.

Photographers everywhere now have the added benefit of not having to worry about carrying tons of extra equipment in order to achieve the highest quality photography. Adventurers and explorers now only need a single device to obtain excellent accounts of their travels. And whether this means dark caves or unlit alleys, the DOOGEE S90’s night vision camera is sure to deliver.


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