Doogee S90 – One Phone, Limiteless Possibility

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The body of DOOGEE S90 is made of titanium alloy. OK, no any other information. Can you guess the price? Just speak out the price in your mind and let’s see who is one that has the talent to guess it right.

Camera Module
Want to take a good photo? You need a professional camera! What’s the camera on your phone? 5MP? 12MP? 16MP? Not good enough.
Let’s check the camera on DOOGEE phone, is it cool? It catches my eyes the first time I see the module. It’s not like a smartphone any more but a professional camera.
I haven’t got more info about this module yet, maybe we can guess together about the camera module, is it 24MP or more? Does it has some special feature?

Battery Module
For professional workers, I mean whose work environment is more likely an extreme environment, if you are one of them, you will know it’s not convenient to use a power bank. You need an extra USB cable and power bank, and the cable or port can be defective after many inserts and remove actions. Besides, you need to hold both power bank and phone when you need to make a call. Image it, how inconvenient it is. But with the battery module, you don’t need the USB cable anymore. Look at these contacts, I believe you know they are more reliable. And you don’t need to hold another power bank, the module and phone can be a new whole phone.

For professional outdoor enthusiasts, it can be difficult and dangerous sometimes, then you need a battery module to keep your phone full of power to call SOS or use the flashlight. And I’d like to stress that charging with cable is not reliable especially when you are in outdoor. Less risk is safer. For professional businessmen, first of all, you may have a lot of calls, or you can be always on the way to meet your clients and can’t find a place to charge your phone. So the battery is very important. And it seems not professional if you take out a power bank when you talking with your clients. However, if you take out the battery module and put it on the phone, perfect match, cool! You can even charge your client’s phone if his phone is short of power. And it can be safer to use a battery module, I don’t mean your power bank will be exploded but it’s an underlying problem. A professional battery module can be safer.

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