Download Android 10 stock firmware for Tanix TX6S TV Box with 4GB of RAM

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This firmware is for Tanix TX6S TV Box with Allwinner H616 as CPU and 4GB of RAM. BTW, you can buy Tanix TX6S TV Box from for a very good price.

Tanix TX6S

Download Android 10 stock firmware PC version for Tanix TX6S TV Box with 24GB of RAM from here and here. Download Android 10 stock firmware SD card version for Tanix TX6S TV Box with 4GB of RAM from here and here. Download previous firmware from here. Flash it from PC using LiveSuit v1.11 or from SD card using PhoenixCard v3.09.

Firmware details
Archive name: TX6S-4G-20200331 / TX6S-4G-cupid_p1-full_ota-eng.hanxiao
Image: TX6S-4G-20200331.img /
Archive file size: 725 MB / 801 MB
Model: Tanix TX6S TV Box with 4GB of RAM
Platform: Allwinner H616
Build number: Amlogic/p281/p281:10/QP1A.191105.004/eng.hanxia.20200331.094537:userdebug/test-keys

1. Update launcher and add support to display leanback style apps in app list
2. Fix 802.11ac 5Ghz bug
3. Update google play with AOSP version
4. Tune CPU dvfs to low the temperature
5. Shorten boot logo display time

Known issues
1. Open GAPPs background update may cause high CPU load
Please, do a factory reset to remove play store notification tone.

How to use
1. Put the zip file into FAT32 usb disk and open a preinstalled APP named -Local Update-
2. Apply the ota
If you are flashing a IMG file, download the Phoenix Suite Tool available on this article

Caution Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  2. 1 rogerio said:

    muito bom recomendo

  3. 1 joaquim almeida said:

    Boas Chinagadgetsreviews
    Tenho 2 Tanix–a TX5Max 4/32GB (root) e a TX6S/NoRoot) kernel.4.9.170-(Mar17.2020) e Comp.cupid_p1-userdebug10QP1A.191105.004 eng-hanxia.20200331.094537 test-keys. as duas ligadas por cabo ethernet (router 1GHZ). a TX5max no teste ( Ookla) download dá 85Mbps e a Tx6S só dá 50Mbps, não devia dar no maximo 100M
    Não consigo instalar uma navigation bar que faça o ” back e os “recentes abertos para fechar” ´sò funciona o home ( desliga tudo e volta ao ecran inicial). Pergunto se devo fazer o Update pelo icon “Local Update” com o mesmo file ZIP de 31de março..???

  4. 1 joaquim almeida said:

    now in english
    Hi Chinagadgetsreviews
    I have 2 Tanix – the TX5Max 4 / 32GB (root) and the TX6S / NoRoot) kernel.4.9.170- (Mar17.2020) and Comp.cupid_p1-userdebug10QP1A.191105.004 eng-hanxia.20200331.094537 test-keys. both connected by ethernet cable (1GHZ router). the TX5max in the test (Ookla) download gives 85Mbps and the Tx6S only gives 50Mbps, it shouldn’t give a maximum of 100M
    I can’t install a navigation bar that does the “back and” recent open to close “´Only the home works (turn everything off and back to the initial screen). I ask if I should do the Update by the “Local Update” icon with the same ZIP file from March 31st. ???tk by replay

  5. 1 Ricardo said:

    Donde puedo conseguir x96 mate image o si puedo instalar esta del tanix
    y si viene con root

  6. 1 yonaquise said:

    muy buen firmware

  7. 1 yon said:

    muy buen aplicativo

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