Download Android 7.1.1 stock firmware v2.3.88 for Zidoo Z9S TV Box

This firmware is for Zidoo Z9S TV Box with Realtek RTD1296 as CPU.

Zidoo Z9S

Download Android stock firmware v2.3.88 for Zidoo Z9S TV Box from here. Download previous Android stock firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive: ZIDOO_Z9S_N_v2.3.88_202204021407_ota-package
Model: Zidoo X9S TV Box
Image file size: 558 MB
Platform: Realtek RTD1296
Update file name:
Build number: rtk_kylin32-eng 7.1.1 N9F27C eng.jiangb.20220402.132121 test-keys

How to upgrade

First: Click “ABOUT”→”Update”→”Local update” in succession
Second: Choose the OTA zip file from you Udisk.
Verifying the ota file
Copying the ota file
When finished copy, click “Update”
Wait the updating (please don’t turn off the power)
When it finished, then the unit will automatically restart, the upgrade is success.
Reopen the About page, the Software Version is the new version now.


Home Theater
1. Optimize the collection function
2. Scanning adds separate scanning function for movies and TV series
3. Add individual national languages
4. Fixed the problem of failure to export collection images
5. Optimize the problem of excessive video crashing occasionally
6. Optimize the stability of scanning
7. Fix the problem of quick click to reset custom layout application crash
8. Fix the problem that the movie marked as finished is not played from the beginning
9. Optimize the focus of the movie details video list
10. Optimize some translations
11. Add ignore TV series saison words
12. Fix the problem that the video does not play immediately after clicking to play
13. Add boring mode function
Hide the boring widget guide: enter the widget editing – category – uncheck the boring mode on the main interface of the poster wall
14. Remove scan default ignore words
15. Fix the problem of exporting the collection picture error
16. Fixed the problem that the original music cannot be closed in the classic list mode
17. Fix the problem that the home button exits and the application crashes occasionally during scanning
18. Fix the problem that the English letters of the classification and sorting interface are not displayed completely
19. Fix the problem that the scanning filter folder does not take effect
20. Add the editing functions of “All” and “Device” of the main interface widgets
21. Optimize tmdb episode matching function
22. Optimize the display of TV drama titles in new collections
24. Optimized the function of watching the record has been read
25. Add sorting and filtering word customization function
26. Add the function of adding custom scan ignore folders and files
27. Increase the year display switch in the collection interface
28. Add the function of sliding out the details of the poster covering the interface
29. Add the device renaming function in the widget
30. Optimize bookmark function
31. Add local clearlogo picture function
Example of clearlogo naming: video name-clearlogo.png, recommended image resolution: 800×310
32. Optimize the collection export function
33. Added manual refresh function for video information in the details interface
34. Optimize the display logic of viewing records
35. Optimize video resolution label acquisition
36. Optimize character information display function
37. Fix the problem of occasional scan flashback
38. Enter the collection through the search interface, and increase the manual sorting function
39. Optimize application stability
40. Add clearlogo switch
41. Added original soundtrack support (movie name-soundtrack.mp3, movie name-soundtrack.wav, movie name-soundtrack.flac)
Please check this link for a detailed tutorial:
42. Optimize the interface display of the details interface
43. Optimize the loading of poster images
44. Fix the problem of abnormal flashback when loading local pictures occasionally
45. Fix the problem that Douban character information occasionally cannot be obtained
46. Fix the problem that occasionally mobile phones cannot obtain poster information
47. Fix the problem that the FHD corner mark cannot be displayed
48. Optimize the display of TV drama duration information
49. Optimize NFO export function
50. Modify the problem that the custom classification on the iPad does not display data
51. Optimize the poster wall to load the default image of the poster

File Manager
1. Add Webdav protocol function
Note: Due to uncertain factors such as bandwidth and nodes, it is not recommended to use this function to play high-bit-rate video files in a WAN environment. This function does not support video ISO file playback
2. Add the function of Baidu cloud list
Note: Due to the user policy of the network disk provider or the adjustment of interface permissions, this function may fail. Due to uncertain factors such as bandwidth and nodes, it is not recommended to use this function to play high-bit-rate video files. This function does not support video ISO file playback
3. Repair individual interface display
4. Optimize NFS and SMB scanning
5. Fix the problem that individual users open NFS prompting an unknown error

Image Manager
1. Increase the function of network picture slideshow
2. Optimize the problem of loading errors of individual pictures
3. Fix the problem that individual non-image files are scanned
4. Optimize scanning stability
5. Optimize the problem of deleting abnormal pictures
6. Optimize the problem of too many pictures showing stuck

Music Player
1. Fixed the problem that the next song could not be played occasionally when playing CUE songs
2. Fix CUE list parsing
3. Fixed the problem of occasional flashback when loading lyrics
4. Optimize the UPNP playback queue, the problem that the song information cannot be displayed on the mobile phone
5. Fix the problem of occasional flashback when the song queue changes
6. Optimize the function of favorite songs
7. Fix the problem that the number of songs in the playlist is incorrect after the device fails
9. Optimize the playlist playback function
10. Repair the details interface, the problem that the song information is not refreshed after rematching
11. Repair the details interface, the problem that the lyrics cannot be displayed normally after rematching
12. Add the function of skipping songs for albums and files when playing sequentially
13. Optimize the song search function
14. Adjust the music search interface and increase the classification search function
15. Optimize the problem of occasional playback freezes
16. Fix the problem that the cover is not displayed on the music details interface of the mobile phone
17. Fix the problem that the song information is displayed abnormally in the music details interface of the mobile phone
18. The music player adds a prompt message that the music player cannot play the over-specification
19. Fix the problem that the music player occasionally flashes back when playing the searched songs
20. When the music player searches for albums, filter albums with empty songs
21. Add the function of online music list
22. Optimize the unsupported format hint function
23. Optimize the display of the number of songs on the device
24. Optimize the acquisition of online song information
25. Add the function of automatically playing the songs in the playlist when starting up
26. Optimize CD playback
27. Optimize the problem of missing album and artist title characters
28. Optimized the problem that when the number of songs in the playback queue is large, the application freezes occasionally when switching songs continuously
29. When the number of optimized songs is too large, the search song occasionally flashes back
30. Optimized the problem of switching music during scanning, and occasionally switching songs unsuccessfully
31. Fix the problem that the playback status bar is not displayed after exiting the full-screen playback interface
32. Fixed the occasional application crash issue when collecting or uncollecting in batches
33. Repair when playing CD songs, the full screen playback interface shields the fast forward and rewind function
34. Optimize playback stability

Video Player
1. Add network video list playback function
2. Add the function of downloading network video subtitles
3. Optimize HTTPS address playback
4. Optimize playback stability
5. Optimize bookmark function
6. Optimize ClearLogo display
7. Optimize the problem that forced subtitles in individual languages are not automatically set

Mobile APP (Android)
Download address:
1. Add the function of playing music in the mobile phone media library
2. Optimize the music sorting function
3. Optimize individual interface display
4. Optimize application stability

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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