Download Android 7.1 stock firmware for MXQ PRO 4K TV Box

This firmware is for MXQ PRO 4K TV Box with Amlogic S905W as CPU. BTW, you can now buy MXQ PRO 4K TV Box from for only $27.99 with free shipping world wide.


Download Android 7.1 stock firmware PC version for MXQ PRO 4K TV Box from here. Download Android 7.1 stock firmware SD card version for MXQ PRO 4K TV Box from here. Download previous firmware from here. Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool v2.0.8 from here or download Amlogic Burn_Card_Maker v2.0.2 from here.

Firmware details
Archive: MXQPRO_S905W_20171218 / MXQPRO_S905W_20171218_SD
Model: MXQ PRO 4K TV Box
Image file size: 817 MB / 826 MB
Platform: Amlogic S905W
Image: aml_upgrade_package.img /
Inside archive: firmware + factory_update_param.aml + recovery.img
Build number: Amlogic/mxqpro/mxqpro:7.1.2/NHG47L/root:userdebug/test-keys / mxqpro-userdebug 7.1.2 NHG47L root test-keys
Vendor: Amlogic
Product: mxqpro


Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. Rick Hilton says:

    thank you

  2. Cido says:

    ok ok ok

  3. Adam says:

    Remote control don’t working.

  4. pflow says:

    no more wifi, remote not working, what to do ?

  5. pflow says:

    If it could help, answer to myself :
    having a p281 model
    i flashed the previous firmware linked here :
    Procedure :

    1. Imported firware.img into provided usb_burning_tool ,

    2.. while inserting a toothpick into the AV port (must feel a click)
    connect a two male usb cable in port 4 of the Mxq (with no powerplug) to PC USB

    Release toothpick when connected

    3. Start flashing with usb_burning_tool , erase flash checked and normal erase

  6. pflow says:

    Answer to myself,

    my version is p281, i used the previous firmware successfuly

    used usb_burning_tool (no powerplug, just usb 4 to pc usb)

    while inserting a toothpick in the AV port (must feel a click)
    erase flash and normal erase

  7. Mess says:

    I’ve got an error when I flash : it blocks at 2%, i’ve done what pflow said but nothing … I don’t know what to do please help.
    Thank you

  8. Taiwo Fatimehin says:

    is this a stock google firmware for android TV?
    or a stock android os ported for TV box

  9. peter gabriel says:

    please, tank you

  10. peter gabriel says:

    tank you

  11. shirud says:

    The given link for THIS firmware download is broken, i have tried 2-3 times but unsuccessful of smooth download. Very very slow download rate which cause broken link. NOT HELPFUL at all.
    Request you for full speed download link with unbroken zip file.

  12. jose says:

    hola buenas, como descargo la imagen

  13. LUIS says:

    graciaS POR LA ROOM

  14. noktus says:

    I have a question
    the downloaded firmware is a zip file
    the software is looking for img file.
    now do i rename zip to img or I extract img files from the zip and use in the tool.
    as the names indicate in the zip file each one has own function, therefore I assume that the whole file should be img, is that correct.
    please help me with this.
    thank you

  15. Demi says:

    Hello everyone! My son decided to update our MXQ-Pro 4K but instead he programed it back to its manufacturing settings. Now it’s not reading our Wi-Fi signals. Is this repairable? What steps should we take? I can’t find the original packagingAnd there is no contact informationOn the actual box. Can anyone help us?

  16. jose perez says:


  17. edesio says:

    muito bom

  18. Thanos says:

    noktus did u find the answer to your Qs? i have same issue. USB Burning tool is looking for .img file inside a License folder (as i see on other online instructs) but I do not see this license folder in the .rar file downloaded.

  19. Fernando says:


  20. Thehou says:

    I have S905 p201 can I install this firmware ?


  21. igor sayzhem says:

    link invalido
    algum outro link?

  22. fayzal Ahmed says:

    i need the softower

  23. galih says:


  24. Andres says:

    Buena suerte

  25. Milton says:

    Necessito da mxq pro 4k model H124 V4.42 170419

  26. murat says:

    thank you

  27. maher says:

    My mxg pro 4k is not starting up
    the Tv screen is showing MBOX , make your life colorful.
    i tried to re set my mxq but it did not help
    same result
    can some one help pls

  28. Septiyan Rachman says:

    how to fix if the remot not working and LED color orange and yellow ?

  29. Paulo R Silva Neto says:

    preciso recuperar meu tv box

  30. Henryk Świercz says:

    Android 7.1 firmware for MXQ PRO 4K TV Box

  31. marival s santos says:

    ola boa tarde, atualizacao do tv box ql 1750
    o meu travou no android

  32. dustin says:

    where do i find this exact firmware but the mother board says S905XQ_V1 .0???? my box is suddenly on 6.0.1 version and the wifi does not work

  33. ulises says:

    muy bueno

  34. ulises says:

    ok bueno

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