Download Android Lollipop 5.1 stock firmware for M8S+ TV Box

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This firmware is for M8s+ TV Box with Amlogic S812 CPU



Download Android Lollipop 5.1 stock firmware for M8S+ TV Box from here or here.

Firmware details
Archive: M8S+_Android51_10062015
Model: M8S Plus TV Box
Image file size: 349 MB
Platform: Amlogic S812
Update file name:

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 Steve said:

    Hi there,
    the first link appears to just be a redirect to this page.

  2. 1 danyrolux said:

    You were right, thanks, we fixed it. 😉

  3. 1 gensweet said:

    Hi can you tell me if can i use this stock firmware for M8s ?

  4. 1 danyrolux said:

    You can try if your M8S has Amlogic S812 CPU, but make a backup first and make sure to have the stock firmware, just in case.

  5. 1 gensweet said:

    ok thanks. the M8s it has Amlogic S812 CPU

  6. 1 Mike said:

    I tried to install on my m8s and it won’t install. anyone else manage to get it to work?

  7. 1 Mike said:

    I managed to get it installed on my m8s but the WFI doesn’t work

  8. 1 danyrolux said:

    Try the Ethernet RJ45 port…

  9. 1 Mike said:

    I got the wifi to connect to my M8S. but it has a issue where the wifi disconnects every 20 minutes or so

  10. 1 Mike said:

    is there a way I can take the WIFI settings from another build and change it with this build?

  11. 1 Szymon said:

    Hi I just update me M8S box using this firmware and my remote controller stop working 🙁 Does anyone know how to fix it ?

  12. 1 marco bugeja said:

    hi i really need your help this is the only site were i found android 5.1 for m8s+ but when im updateing i am getting error
    E:footer is wrong”, “E:signature verification failed”
    thanks in advance

  13. 1 Pietje said:

    Hi, i have a m8s+ with KOT49H.20150713.184446.V0823 test-keys. When i want to install this update from the Android System Recovery screen (from SD or USB) i get the error “Can’t install this package (Mon Jun 15 15:39:08 CST 2015) over newer build (Mon Jul 13 18:46:21 CST 2015)” is there anyone who knows how to fix this. I think my recovery image is to new (20150713).

  14. 1 Alan said:

    What is the diference betwwn the M8S and the M8S+, I thought it is the OS android 4.4 on the m8s and 5.1 on the m8s+
    but i have seen online the m8s+ with android 4.4

  15. 1 Pietje said:

    M8S+ has Gigabit Ethernet

  16. 1 Tomas said:

    Tried it a couple of times ..

    Get E: signature error and cannot verify package.
    Any ideas?

  17. 1 Umar said:

    I also get a signature error. How do I fix this?

  18. 1 Paulo Saraiva said:

    Does this update work on the M8S ???

  19. 1 m8s+ user said:

    I have m8s+ box with ap6330. I was able to get the same firmware in the form of .img file from the acemax website.
    I flashed the image file using the Amlogic burning tool successfully but could not get past the android boot logo – bootloop.

    I was then able to recover from this bricked state by flashing back the Kit Kat image from acemax site.

    So then I used the zip file provided on this site by copying all the lollipop firmware files in the zip to a SD card.
    I tried to install the firmware using 2-methods: 1) OTA update from within Android 4.4 by selecting the lollipop update zip file from SD card 2) booting into recovery and then flashing the update zip file from SD card. This as well resulted in the same bootloop stuck at android logo.

    So I am wondering if this lollipop firmware zip file or img file is working on m8s+ OR I am missing something?

  20. 1 mitch55 said:

    I have the same issues as previous users : bricking my m8s+ with this firmware.

    So, I have always searched the solution for update to 5.1.

  21. 1 m8s+ user said:

    So it seems that of all the users who have tried this lollipop firmware and posted their feedback here – only 1 user has managed to get it installed on m8s without the drivers for wireless chip. Would be great if we can get those steps and if the same could work on m8s+

    Lollipop on Amlogic CPU S812 seems to be stable enough (at least for the functionalities I need) as I have it on Tronsmart MX-III plus box so I was hoping I could get Lollipop on this m8s+ box working as well but so far it has been a challenge and I think the current lollipop firmware just does not work or needs additional tweaking to get it to work on m8s+ which hopefully somebody can share.

    Freaktab forums has one user stating work in progress lollipop image for m8s+ but not sure when he would be able to post it.

  22. 1 Heidu said:

    Anyone tried this on MINIX neo x8h plus? I’m tempted to try this if it works. Has same specs more or less.

  23. 1 kdallas said:

    Beware that the M8S+ firmware for lollipop appears to be “beta” quality. Unless you *really* need a feature from 5.1 — I’d recommend sticking with 4.4 for the time being.

    Has anyone had any success using an Xbox 360 controller on their M8S+ device? I was thinking of trying 5.1 for that alone, but perhaps there is another way.

  24. 1 ice said:

    I both m8s+ last week package box says its m8s+ but in startup and about device its m8s only? How can I know if I got the gigabit version? Im on kitkat version. Also have anyone try to use BT headset? When I pair my BT headset and open apps like youtube the box restart itself.

  25. 1 Dominic said:

    Hi I was able to install it and everything worked great. Then while I was in Kodi it shut down. Now it is stuck on the logo screen. I tried to reset it using toothpick in the AV slot with sd card and without. Tried everything but my box remains stuck at the logo. It appears to be bricked. Any suggestions??

  26. 1 danyrolux said:
  27. 1 Michaell said:

    I have tried to install this update, but when im in the Android system recovery i get the message

    ‘Can’t install this package (Mon Jun 15 15:39:08 CST 2015) over newer build (Tue Oct 20 10:44:03 CST 2015).

    Is there a newer update for this, like after October 20th?

  28. 1 alexi said:

    este firware es compatible con un m8s android tv box 4.4.2

  29. 1 Bastian said:

    Worked perfectly on my M8S+, no problems at all. Properly rooted would be nice though.

  30. 1 pvalls said:

    Did it works on MXIII 1gb 8GB?

  31. 1 danyrolux said:

    I am not pretty sure…

  32. 1 louismx3 said:

    Hi guys, do you know if there is any new firmware with Lollipop Android, for M8S? Thanks

  33. 1 louismx3 said:

    Hi again guys, i connect the box to my yamaha home cinema amplifier and it doesnt read the DTS-HD and TrueHD. Should I change something in the settings of the android box in order to work? Thanks

  34. 1 Mido67 said:

    For DTS HD and True HD u should use Kodi’s settings by enabling for HDMI because spdif doesn’t support it. Then HDMI output linked with HDMI input of amplifier and the HDMI output from amplifier to HDMI input of the TV. That’s it. 🙂

  35. 1 JASE said:

    Amazing it worked for me a treat!!!!!!!++++++


  36. 1 Yoav said:

    I have the m8s plus with 5.1.1
    I can’t see the toolbar,
    Do you know how to solve it?

  37. 1 ricardo said:

    As anyone try this change?
    Does it works?
    What are the steps?


  38. 1 sylvain said:

    Moi pas réussie de toute manière m8s + mais quand im updateing je reçois l’ erreur
    E: footer est faux “,” E: vérification de signature a échoué ” je crois que le fichier es corrompue.merci

  39. 1 sylvain said:

    I not successful anyway m8s + updateing but when I get the error
    E: footer is wrong, “” E: signature verification failed “I think the file are corrompue.merci

  40. 1 dz13 said:

    Marche super bien sur m8s+ telecharge dezipe le fichier sur une carte micro sd et hope installer en 5 minutes il ya un fichier zip special flashage usb et autre pour micro sd alors ne vous trompe pas de fichier

  41. 1 said:

    Thanks…i updated quite a few MS8 boxes with this

  42. 1 sylvain said:

    merci dz13 fonctione tres bien et encorre merci de m avoir comment le faire.
    thank you dz13 works very well and again thank you for m how.

  43. 1 mrloopez said:

    can i update the m8s to lollipop?

  44. 1 Roy Panag said:
    how did you update m8s with it i mean what mwthod did you use?
    or you talking about m8s+?
    would appreciate help as i want to update.

  45. 1 Prince said:

    How do i upgrade android tv haier 43″ to lollipop or custom rom? Is ti possible?

  46. 1 Vinit said:

    Hi All

    I recently bought ott box tv m8s+.

    I am not able to connect ethernet. After changing from dhcp to static it shows connected but doesn’t work. Wifi is working fine.  Appreciate your help.

  47. 1 Steve said:

    Hi, I upgraded to android 5.1.1 from 4.4 on my M8S+ Kodi box. All send too work fine except it does not see my Ethernet interface and the remote that came with the box isn’t working properly.

    Thanks in advance

  48. 1 Terry Persaud said:

    Hi my ms8+ box is stuck on av I try going to setting, screen resolution and try to change it but only 480 cvbs and 580 cvbs is showing no higher resolution. I would really appreciate it if you can help me out

  49. 1 James said:

    I downloaded the new firmware for my m8s plus android box on sd card. I unzipped it to the sd card and did the toothpick reboot method but all it does is say rebooting then goes to the main screen without updating. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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