Download Android Pie 9.0 new firmware for MECOOL KM3 TV Box

Posted in May 23, 2019 in Firmwares, 8 comments

This firmware is for MECOOL KM3 TV Box with AMLogic S905X2 as CPU. BTW, you can buy MECOOL KM3 TV Box from for a very good price.

Download Android Pie 9.0 firmware for MECOOL KM3 TV Box from here or here.

Firmware details
Archive name: KM3-ota-V1.20190320
Archive file size:  613 MB
Model: MECOOL KM3 TV Box
Platform: AMLogic S905x2
System: Android verson 9.0
Build number: MECOOL/KM3/KM3:9/PI/V1.20190320:user/release-keys

Caution Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 Fran said:

    Hello, I have a Mecool KM3 tvbox and it has brickeado, it does not give an hdmi signal and it does not recognize the pc, it just turns on the blue LED. Could you please help me to relive it

  2. 1 Arturo Jose Gonzalez Thomas said:

    Hi. I have a KM3 and I want to replace the original android tv with a regular android. Can you point me in the right direction? thank you.

  3. 1 viktor said:

    This firmware is not installed on my Mecool KM3 collective, the download reaches 3% and gives an error. Help solve this problem.

  4. 1 danyrolux said:

    Reinstall Windows drivers, try with another USB port from PC, try with another USB cable, make sure to use the right OTG USB port on TV Box, try with another PC…

  5. 1 viktor said:

    All this was done, but he incorrectly determines the KM3 id after firmware from KM9, and now what to do?

  6. 1 Viktor said:

    there is such a version of OTA Version 906001005, but how to install this OTA Version 905300090316? They have different identifiers, how to replace them?

  7. 1 viktor said:

    Well, here is the result after 7 connections with the prefix, she suddenly adopted the stock firmware KM3-PI-V1.20190320
    Result 100% Burning successfully.
    I disconnected from the computer, I connect to the TV and now …. the blue color appears cyclically and disappears and so constantly when you turn on .. the result is Brick !!! I ask someone for advice.

  8. 1 camilo said:

    @victor i have the same trouble, do you find any solution? 🙁

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