Download AndroidTool Release v2.38

This tool can be used for flash image to Android or Linux devices.

AndroidTool Release

Download AndroidTool Release v2.38 from here, here or here. Download previous version 2.35 from here, here or here. Download previous firmware from here.

How to use
The first thing to do is to make sure you’ve got the latest Rockchip USB drivers installed (via DriverAssistant).
Download and extract AndroidTool_Release_v2.38.
Enter AndroidTool_Release_v2.38 directory, and click on AndroidTool.exe to start the program.
Connect the USB OTG port of your Rockchip device to your Windows computer, making USB debug is enabled in Android.
AndroidTool now merges the functionalities of RkBatchTool (single file firmware) and RkAndroidTool (flash the NAND flash with an image corresponding to a particular partition such as kernel, system,. boot, etc..), and hence supports the two methods:
– Single file (firmware.img) – Select Upgrade Firmware, load your device firmware, and click on Upgrade
– If you’ve got several images for the kernel, recovery, boot, parameter, you need to click on Download Image, and load the images for the partitions would want to flash, before clicking on Run to complete the firmware upgrade.
Be patient, and the firmware update should be done after a while.


The address of first part is 0xcccccccc. That means it have to be a prebuilt
bootloader provide by rockchip. For RK3288, it have to be rkbin/rk32/RK3288UbootLoader_V2.30.06.bin
the loader1 is U-Boot binary you build
the boot is image kernel, dtb and extlinux.conf file
the rootfs is rootfs image.

the partition table below:

| Boot   | Terminology #1 | Actual   | Rockchip    |         |
| stage  |                | program  |  Image      |         |
| number |                | name     |   Name      |         |
| 1      |  Primary       | ROM code | BootRom     |         |
|        |  Program       |          |             |         |
|        |  Loader        |          |             |         |
|        |                |          |             |         |
| 2      |  Secondary     | U-Boot   |idbloader.img| 0x40    |including u-boot if not use miniloader
|        |  Program       | SPL      |idbspl.img   |         |
|        |  Loader (SPL)  |          |             |         |
|        |                |          |             |         |
| 3      |  -             | U-Boot   | bl3.itb     | 0x200   | including u-boot and atf
|        |                |          | u-boot.bin  | 0x200   |
|        |                |          | uboot.img   | 0x4000  | only used with miniloader
|        |                |          |             |         |
|        |                | ATF      | trust.img   | 0x6000  | only used with miniloader for armv8
|        |                |          |             |         |
| 4      |  -             | kernel   | boot.img    | 0x8000  |
|        |                |          |             |         |
| 5      |  -             | rootfs   | rootfs.img  | 0x40000 |

For armv8 with miniloader (rk3328):

Address Name Path
Boot — rkbin/rk33/rk3328_loader_v1.00.238.bin
0x40 loader1 — out/u-boot/idbloader.img
0x4000 loader2 — out/u-boot/uboot.img
0x6000 atf — out/u-boot/trust.img
0x8000 boot — out/u-boot/trust.img
0x40000 rootfs — out/u-boot/trust.img


AndroidTool Release AndroidTool Release

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  1. cipylan says:

    Hi friends! I can’t understand all, in fact the tabel is not very clear and I am confuse. If you can add more pictures for exemplify the Download Image tab exactly how it must to be completed, that can be very helpful. Thank you very much for all!


    Hi Tks by your post
    at moment i’m tray install firmware on RK 3288 (Cx929 dongle). Drivers ok. open the Android tools v2.38. (this prg are in chinese language) conected device by USB-OTG and its is reconized by A.Tools (show bar down “””LOADER””) , located IMG firmware on PC, anc click in UpDate firmware, on the rightwindows run the list comands and stop on ###IDB### in red text. in this steep i must wait some time ( because the downbar flash light sometimes) or the process be stoped..
    can help…….tks

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