Download DragonFace latest version v.2.2.3

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Dragonface is a very intuitive piece of software that will let you edit and modify Allwinner firmware images.

Dragonface v2.2.3

Dragonface is a very intuitive piece of software that will let you edit and modify A10, A20, A13, A30, A31, and A80 firmware images. You can quickly change your boot logo or animation; of course, you can do much more, pull, push and edit Init.rc or Script.fex, remove and add APK’s, change basic info.

Download DragonFace v.2.2.3 from here, here or here.
You can find the previous version here.

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  1. 1 Jason said:

    it won’t install on the A31 allwinner tablet.The dragonface downloads and you can extract the file.But then the files within the folder won’t run on the tablet,as the files don’t run

  2. 1 danyrolux said:

    Use Dragonface on a Windows PC, not on your Android tablet….

  3. 1 Jason said:

    Danyrolux ive put it on the pc. Now I want to back up the firmware, but the clone button is fazed out. You can only click to load a new firmware.

  4. 1 Vladimir said:

    Thanks, I edited the firmware for my carPC, based on allwiner A20 SoC

  5. 1 alejo said:

    muy bien

  6. 1 raspet said:

    si muy bueno

  7. 1 reoroman said:

    I tried Dragonface_V2.2.3 and I get an error: Firmware does not support the tools to modify, make sure that the firmware version.

    It doesn’t work on the image i have: ota_package_dvb_G5_X819_v7.0.4.23_1901021025 which is working for sure, because I use phoenixUSBPro_V_4.0.0 to flash the image to my device: android TVBOX which come with Allwinner H3 1.01 GHz,4x ARM Cortex-A7 CPU. The model of the device is G5 (dolphin_fvd_p1) and the board is exdroid. hardware: sun8iw7p1. Android version: 7. API version 24. bulid ID: dolphin_fvd_p1-eng 7.0NRD91N 20180627_v7.0.4.23. Java VM: ART 2.1.0. OpenGL ES: 2.0. kernel architecture: armv7l. kernel verion: 4.4.55(20180627).


    Ola, qual software posso usar para mudar o Mac da minha tvbox h3 alwinner?
    Podem disponibiliza-lo?

  9. 1 Raúl Contreras said:

    Gracias voy a probar su aplicación, saludos y felicitaciones al team

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