Download KitKat 4.4.2 114k4 firmware for Beelink MXIII TV Box

This firmware is for Beelink MXIII TV Box with Amlogic S802 Quad Core CPU


Beelink MXIII

Download KitKat 4.4.2 114k4 firmware for Beelink MXIII TV Box from here or here.
Download previous firmware 113k4 from here. Download another Beelink firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive: MXIII_114k4
Model: Beelink MXIII TV Box
Image file size: 430 MB
Platform: Amlogic S802
Update file name: MXIII_114k4.img

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. Catalin says:

    What is the changelog vs 112k4?

  2. MB says:

    thanks for the upgrade the work is appreciated.
    Could we please, have an sdcard install.
    Been stuck on 110k4 for a while now because the S82 versions don’t let my bluetooth work because it is the M82 version.

    I would much appreciate any kindness on your behalf.
    I don’t have a good computer that i could trust to flash because it’s so old.

    Bless you, will wait till 115K4 if need be.
    Thanks for considering. Peace

  3. Kevin says:

    Could you email me stating when 115k4 or higher stock ROM will be out for download? And, will it have the feature of moving apps to USB? I have a MX III M82 s802 that’s low on storage space. Reading reviews about the Beelink i one firmware was dated from March I am looking for the same to install on my MediaBox. Thanks

  4. massimo says:

    Hi!! Very good piece of hardware!!! 🙂 ..But the software…
    Is possible to insert the touch screen support in the kernel as linux kernel? It’s very useful in car installation with usb resistive touch such Egalax.
    Thank you a lot!

  5. Tiberius says:

    thank you for the latest firmware the clean memory feature is such a must need feature glad to have it just make sure to download newest usb burn software
    this version support up to windows 8 and will not fail in write

  6. Gatay says:

    hello, after i update my MBox succesfull and restart it but it always stay at the “MBOX (Make your life colorful)” screen. What must i do now please help me. Thanks a lot

    (my Box is MX3 S802 and already has MXIII_112k4)

  7. Gatay says:

    please help me and send me the firmware for the MX3 S802C (s/n: S802C150309872 1G) with 1G/8G

  8. YOUSEF says:

    Hello I need urgent help
    After a firmware update
    android tv box mx3 4k do not work the WIFI

  9. trisha says:

    Im so disapointed with my mxiii quadcore tv box… it keeps saying update fail with repository and if i do a system update will tell me failed somehing about serier argent?….also tell me to check logs which i dont know where to go… ready to burn this thing!!!….worst thing is i bought 5 of them!!! How can i fix this…i want it to update

  10. Per says:


    You can update “Kodi” in Google Play (newest version 15.2). If the TV box (android system) makes error (shouldn’t do that). But if, just download the firmware above and follow the instruks on this homepage (You have to use “Usb burn
    The TV box is great, but “Kodi” repository can fail. Some sources get closed 😉

    Good luck

  11. Federico says:

    is it possible to install Android 5.1 Lollipop for this device? (Non G version)


  12. Lior says:

    Hi thank you so much for this , it helped me to save my device after trying to install the mx3-g version that stuck it on chip screen , do you know if there is lollipop version for this device? thank you

  13. james says:

    i have a
    model number :mxiii box
    android version : 4.4.2 ,
    build number : 112k4
    kernel version
    Fri Jan 16 14:38:33 CST 2015
    can i use this firmware for updating above box version

  14. Bernardo says:

    Hi! When we going to have a Lollipop firmware update? Im cool with kit kat but thinking about the hardware its logic to prefer Lollipop, thanks!

  15. Ashok says:


    I have a GooBang Doo MX III Box.Can i use Beelink MXIII TV firmware in to my box ?

  16. drifter says:

    use the wrong file now the gbox mx111 is stuck on red light

  17. Jeff says:

    Where can I download the firmware 5.0 lollipop for my mxIII 4K android box with kit kat 4.4.2.

    Thank you

  18. Liam says:

    Hi there I have a mx3 2gb ram 8 go memory but no matter wat software I use can not seam to get it to work or find one that works can you help ta

  19. Rocko says:

    Hi, I have the Beelink MXIII TV Box with the firmware mentioned above.
    The Google Play Store is saying that my device is not Google GMS Certified! Why can’t we get an actual firmware which is GMS Certified?

    Regards R.

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