Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for MXQ TV Box

Posted in May 10, 2016 in Firmwares, TV Boxes, 35 comments

This firmware is for MXQ TV Box with AMLogic S805 CPU


Download Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for MXQ TV Box from here, here or from here. Download previous firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive name: cyx_MXQ_8189etv_8g1g_kodi_16.0_160419_USBupdate
Image: cyx_MXQ_8189etv_8g1g_kodi_addons_160419_USB升级.img
Archive file size: 618 MB
Platform: AMLogic S805

Caution Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 Dave said:

    Hi is it possible to put KitKat on the MXQ TV Box with AMLogic S805 CPU, and if it is can you tell me where to get it and how to put in on, please.



  2. 1 Stephan said:

    Does this firmware work with all MXQ TV Box with AMLogic S805 CPU? I have a Eny EM6Q would this new firmware work with my box?


  3. 1 tiger said:

    is this update fixed wifi and remote working issues?

  4. 1 tiger said:

    not possible to instal file corrupted. cant instal trough usb.

  5. 1 Dees said:

    Same problem file corrupted. not installing. Please fix.

  6. 1 jnnuzzo said:

    remove chinese characters and will flash fine.

  7. 1 yama373 said:

    not work. not IMG file but XXX.ZIP file needed.

  8. 1 Dflow9930 said:

    Wifi stopped working after I applied update. Please help.

  9. 1 Rene said:

    I got the solution to the wifi and remote issues. Update with usb burning tool aml upgrade package mxq 20151113.img then install

  10. 1 sara said:

    Rene can you tell me in detail how to please

  11. 1 hisham said:

    I can’t update it because the remote doesn’t respont any one has solution?

  12. 1 jordan said:

    got ott mxq tv box and remote isnt working

  13. 1 Ricardo Murrieta said:

    My box is working now but the only failure is that remote control is not working.

    tiger try to rename the file as MXQ first, this way work for me,

  14. 1 David Branch said:


    this file will not parse in usb burning tool. Tried many downloads from all sources provided and none work at all. The old version however does parse and flash but it is flawed and needs this update to work correctly. Please fix this error.

  15. 1 Lando said:

    It works if you remove the Chinese characters form the name on the original file. The remote dont work. At least i can’t make it work.

  16. 1 Edson said:

    sucessfull, remove the Chinese characters form the name on the original file….

  17. 1 Rene said:

    sara said:
    Jun 30, 2016 – 5:00 pm

    Rene can you tell me in detail how to please

    Hi Sara and everyone, the firmware that I got and worked for me for wireless and remote can be downloaded here:!90pWkD6A!TSuLpNCsYrJVbprhcwsQ4BNk-znsZEBkXSNrR1PP4G4


  18. 1 timothy reid said:

    what progam to used on the mx2 gbox

  19. 1 sara said:

    Thanks Rene, so I have to first install the file you posted me and then have to put last firmwere that posted for MXQ S805 ? Even I do not understand why there is are two MXQ each May 18 and another dated 10 May which the packing carton is the same as mine mxq.Ho I only find m201d-ota-201611.


  20. 1 sara said:

    Rene sorry but you have first installed this firmwere AML mxq package 20151113.img and then 2016 ? I’m going crazy because my family have taken four of these boxes and I stupid , I updated them one after the other without feeling the first and so all four are no wifi

  21. 1 sara said:

    wifi ok resolution installation da setting – system update and download this firmwere!bAZlBAqL!nekCirLiYc-KaY-cv5PaDZ1dhrUKmeaTsxc9LY6L3aM

    insert on mmc/sd extrat and update

    wifi is okokokok

  22. 1 dennis taylor said:

    does anyone know the proper way to update the firmware for this box…most apps dont work anymore…ive had it since april….genesis is outdated and no longer useable, that i know

  23. 1 JimmyRulles said:

    this tronfy update is that for mxq tv box S805

  24. 1 Jason said:

    I’ve been trying different firmware for a box with 805Qv2.0 on the board.

    M201d. This firmware has a video display issue, remote also doesn’t work.

    FW builds MXQ.V2.0.201604190910 as well as
    MXQ.V2.0.201601160929 have good display, but no wifi or remote.

    Looks like I can deal with remote issue by inserting a remote.conf file, but what about wifi?

  25. 1 Jason said:

    I also tried tronfy MXQ 4.4.2 20150325 fw.rar , and the screen was distorted, and no remote.

  26. 1 Babu said:

    hi, any one help me my issue, YOUTUBE is not playing just showing all videos and if i play the video nothing is comming,
    help my issue

  27. 1 Jim said:

    This for the wifi with 8189 wifi chips do you have latest for 8188 wifi chips?

  28. 1 Rakhi said:

    I can put this to my box, but wifi and remote does not work.

    I have Model MXQ(m201d) Chipset Amlogic Meson8B, does anyone have the firmware load to usb for my unit?

  29. 1 alexander escobar said:

    hola pueden decirme si hay una actualizacion con version 5.0? para mxq s805 please mandarme el link a mi correo se les agradeceria

  30. 1 leonardo said:

    usb burning tools – error no power ! in 94% , plz hel … using usb burning tools !

    my mxq is:
    Mxq Rev 2.0 20150806

    need a functional img plz !

  31. 1 Burton a Kennedy said:

    I need help to upgrade MXQ black metal box with sliver metal trim.

    4x CPU CORTEX-A9r4 8X GPU MALI-450

    BUILD NUMBER: M10.BCM433.201510261655

    one sd card reader
    two usbs

    I don’t have a computer to update rom just using box for internet. I NEED HELP! ALSO OTA UDATE! UPDATING IS NOT DOING ANYTHING.

  32. 1 Fref said:

    Can the mxq box be upgraded from 4.4.2 to 5.xx up ? Firmware. Thanks

  33. 1 Josip said:

    Hi. Is the firmware for MXQ S805 m201 with 1GB RAM.Mxq Rev 2.0 20150806? Please link?

  34. 1 Bernard said:

    Hello. Do you have firmware that works with MXQ box using SCl 59083C wifi chip?

  35. 1 Frank said:


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