Download latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 stock firmware for Egreat A5 TV Box

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This firmware is for Egreat A5 TV Box with HiSilicon HI3798CV20 as CPU. BTW, you can now buy Egreat A5 TV Box from for only $205 with free shipping world wide.

Egreat A5

Download latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 stock firmware for Egreat A5 TV Box from here, here or here. Download prewvious firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive: A5BD_EN_Firmware_20170119_v1.1.0.7
Model: Egreat A5 TV Box
Image file size: 620 MB
Platform: HiSilicon HI3798CV20
Image name:
Build number: Hi3798CV200-eng 5.1.1 LMY48W eng.root.20170110.141229 test-keys
Inside archive: firmware + bootargs.bin + fastboot.bin +recovery.img

The instructions to force to recovery the firmware
1. Please download the forced recovery firmware, the forced recovery firmware contains the following 4 files:, fastboot.bin, recovery.img, bootargs.bin
Please do not modify the file names and copy these four files to the root directory of the U-disk of FAT32 disk format.
2. Cut off the power supply of this machine, inset the U-disk into the USB2.0 interface of this machine, with a slender hard object (something like the clip after expansion) to insert into the RST small round hole, keep holding down the RST key in RST round hole not loosened, turn on the machine power after holding down the RST button.
3. Keep the posture, release the RST button until the TV screen appears the prompt (the green android small robot animation icon) of being forced refresh/recovery system, the system will automatically complete the forced refresh/recovery system process.
4. Please be patient, after the forced refresh/recovery system is completed, this machine will automatically restart, after restart, the player can be normally put into use.

– Please do not turn off or cut off the power of this machine during the progress of upgrading, otherwise it may cause this machine can’t boot.
– The file name of the forced recovery system is very important, do not modify the file name (including capital and lower-case).
– If you failed in a check, it is likely that the file has not been downloaded successfully or the file has been corrupted, please download again.

Change log
01. Add:Built in Googleplay
02. Add:3D filp eyes function
03. Add:Titles and trailer can be seek at blu-ray menu playback
04. Add:Embedded subtitles can adjust the display position
05. Add:Supported 23.976Hz playback in local player
06. Add:Added custom external subtitle default size, color, position setting
07. Add:Subtitle and Audio switchover instantly
08. Add:Support DVD .ISO movie playback
09. Add:Support VCD .DAT movie playback
10. Add:Support .TP movie playback
11. Add:Adding LED display panel setting (display playback time/remaining time/clock/ turn off when playing)
12. Add:Support the newly added keys of new version remote
13. Add:Auto audio passthrough function
14. Add:SMB/NFS network auto search function
15. Add:A new onekey subtitle audio switching function
16. Add:A new smart time seek playback function
17. Add:Added volume setting is prohibited in passthrough mode tips
18. Add:Vidon xbmc pro supported BD Menu/Passthrough/3DISO movie playback
19. Add:Vidon xbmc pro supported 23.976Hz playback
20. Add:Vidon xbmc pro supported onekey subtitle audio switching function
21. Add:Vidon xbmc pro supported page button switching chapter
22. Add:Support breakpoint play in filelist mode
23. Add:Support some non-standard dts audio
24. Add:Add reminder “press up to safety remove the hard disk and USB storage devices.” in devices list
25. Add:Movie details showed on the filelist
26. Add:Added “Show details in file playback” option in “Settings-Playback”
27. Add:Added current temperature display in the “Settings-General-Cooling fan”
28. Add:Added “Blu-ray” category in poster wall
29. Add:Support Farsi subtitle
30. Add:Error log report function
31. Optimize:No stutter when switching Subtitle Audio
32. Optimize:Improve auto network share search time
33. Optimize:The poster can’t visit the readonly network sharing folder, there will be a tip “This position requires read and write permissions”
34. Optimize:NFS network sharing folders containing spaces can be added manually
35. Optimize:Added more information in “Setting-about”
36. Optimize:Improved response speed when entering and exiting folders
37. Optimize:Clear poster data at any time
38. Optimize:The page button can flip in circular wall poster and file list
39. Optimize:Screen optimization when movie pause
40. Optimize:Information interface real-time update
41. Optimize:Improve the compatibility for 4K moives
42. Optimize:Added BD/3D/4K/3D BD tag on poster wall
43. Optimize:External subtitle setting function
44. Optimize:Show last breakpoint time when resuming
45. Optimize:Added “year information” on editting movie blank poster wall
46. Change:Move “3D mode” from “Setting-display” to “Setting-playback”
47. Change:Unify UI design
48. Change:Turn on the machine default to standby
49. Change:Cancel the “other chapters” playback options in poster wall
50. Change: Playback exit confirmation default to YES
51. Change:The load devices no working under power on standby mode
52. Change:Some UI design and operation tips
53. Change:Initial search mode on poster wall
54. Change:Optimize the volume bar
55. Change: Do not change color space when playback
56. Change: Deleted “playback will be ended soon” tip
57. Change:Online subtitles temporarily cancelled (Will be recovery soon)
58. Fix:At 4K resolution play 3D movie will lead to black screen or screen blurred
59. Fix:The picture may regress when switching subtitles or audio
60. Fix:TV series details page does not show posters and ratings
61. Fix:Add external subtitles from Subtitle folder when playback under poster wall
62. Fix:Audio and subtitle list full languages when system language is Chinese
63. Fix:some 4K .TS movies cannot play at 4K resolution
64. Fix:Solve the 3D play 3DISO has in the BD menu cannot play main movie
65. Fix:The movie may can not playback in the poster
66. Fix:The movie may play an error in the poster
67. Fix:Some blu-ray movies can’t resume from breakpoint
68. Fix:3D movie may be screen blurred when playing BD menu
69. Fix: Drag the progress bar may disappear when playing
70. Fix:Custom font will affect the issue of SRT subtitles font
71. Fix:Some of Add-ons on Vidon xbmc pro can’t work
72. Fix:Some Blu ray menu translucent text display is not clear
73. Fix:Sometimes TV series can’t enter in poster
74. Fix:Sometimes can’t visit movie poster issue
75. Fix:Can’t turn on Egreat Media Player connecting some TV
76. Fix:No standby mode in few devices


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Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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