Download latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 stock firmware for M8S+ TV Box

Posted in Jan 2, 2016 in Firmwares, 83 comments

This firmware is for M8s+ TV Box with Amlogic S812 CPU



Download Android Lollipop 5.1.1 stock firmware for M8S+ TV Box from here or here. Download previous firmware version from here.

Firmware details
Archive: M8S+_S812_16122015
Model: M8S Plus TV Box
Image file size: 429 MB
Platform: Amlogic S812
Update file name:
Build number: MBX/KII/KII:5.1.1/LMY47V/20151216:userdebug/test-keys

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 Atiq said:

    Hi I can install this firmware in m8c box

  2. 1 Seboos said:

    Dolphin with dolphin jetpack enabled crashes on each site’s. firefox haven’t tool bar. Unable to open flash player site’s. No navigation bar,no status bar, no root.

  3. 1 teckem said:

    Flash is not supported anymore Seboos, can some dev try it on a M8S with an Amlogic S812, I really want and need 5.1 for the Android TV apps.

  4. 1 Papa said:

    This rom it’s rooted +++
    Superuser installed

  5. 1 Seboos said:

    Teckem: when i back on my m8s+ to 4.4.2 , install dolphin, Flash 11- movies which base on Flash can open. Dolphin can open Flash websites.
    Dolphin on 5.1 can’t open any sites ex. Google. Firefox in 4.2.2 have tools and settings menu but 5.1 no available.

  6. 1 mehdi said:

    Hello all, can somebody explain us the way to to id please?
    I try directly in the setting menu/update but i had an error message once the box has reboot. Thank you

  7. 1 teckem said:

    Seboos: thats what I said … XD …, until 4.4.x flash was available for the browsers.

    You should try this tutorial:

  8. 1 seboos said:

    Teckem: thx, but… i wrote you, on firefox at firmware 5,1 no settings menu (on 4.4 available) and no navigation buttons on Android-similar to . Dolphin crash on this version android and exit to launcher. Are you have settings menu on firefox and this firmware?

  9. 1 teckem said:

    Seboos: now I see what you meant, unfortunately I don’t have a M8S+ with 5.1 or a custom rom for my M8S, I’m doomed with 4.4.2 (for the moment I hope so). And regarding the issue with dolphin apparently is a software version problem that causes stability issues, have you tried Puffin Web Browser ?

  10. 1 seboos said:

    Yes, but it has poorer quality than ff or Dolphin. So, Dolphin browser on this fw crashes and ff doesn’t have settings button to enable Flash in preferences.

  11. 1 daedelus said:

    Dear All,

    Could somebody please give us a tutorial or explain how to proceed to the installation of this new firmware.
    i have a M8S+, and it is not working when i put the firmware on a usb key and trying upgrating the box using the update screen.
    Thank you in advance!

  12. 1 paulcl said:

    1. Download the firmware.
    2. Extract all the files in the zip to a freshly formatted SD Card.
    3. Make sure the power IS NOT connected and Insert the SD Card in the TV Box
    4. In the back of the device, Locate the headphone connector and insert a tooth pick or something none conductive into the hole. You should feel a button being pressed.
    5. Press and hold the Button in the headphone hole while plugging in the power. Keep holding the button for 10 seconds
    6. If you did the steps correctly you should see an green Android robot with a progress bar below. Your box is now updating. DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER OR TOUCH THE BOX!
    7. When the update is completed your box will automatically reboot on it’s own. The first boot will take some time so be patience

  13. 1 Xanthrax said:

    It doesn’t work from USB, you need a sdcard
    Unzip the archive on the sdcard and connect it to the box
    Disconnect from power source
    Insert and hold a nonmetallic pin into the AV port
    While holding it, attach the power cable
    Wait few seconds and it will start updating
    The update process will erase the previous system so a backup it’s required

  14. 1 teckem said:

    Daedelus: for what I know you have to use the AMLogic USB Burning Tool, look for a tutorial on that section.

    this might help:

  15. 1 Seboos said:

    Papa, i installed root Checker and after verify show me no root

  16. 1 paulcl said:

    Try to start SU, preinstalled. If problems, try to install Kingroot.

  17. 1 Papa said:

    Dear Seboos it’s rooted for me!
    install supersu and after “titanium backup” root it’s OK
    No icon supersu but see in the applications android

  18. 1 seboos said:

    Kingroot At 90% freeze

  19. 1 seboos said:

    @Papa, I again update my m8s+, i have superuser in app (hidden). I install Titanium, Titanium say me that i haven’t root. I install supersu, when I open, it show me old su binary, after update supersu wrote me conflict with other root software.
    I do not understand why you have root and I do not have

  20. 1 Papa said:

    Dear Seboos conflict Root! It’s ok. Do not delete Superuser. Now launch titanium backup and provides root!

  21. 1 Papa said:

    Many thanks!!! at the best

  22. 1 seboos said:

    Still no root:( Update binary failed.

  23. 1 Papa said:

    Dear Seboos patched titanium?

  24. 1 seboos said:

    Titanium backup still show me no root same as root verifier. Maybe you have twrp?

  25. 1 Papa said:

    @seboos I have no install TWRP!

  26. 1 seboos said:

    So dear Papa, we use the same firmware with different effect. Somebody know,why?

  27. 1 Papa said:

    @seboos, Indeed it is very strange why it works for me and not for you!
    installed ES Explorer with option root.

  28. 1 Papa said:

    This another firmware it’s rooted but no works for me!

    And you Seboos ?

  29. 1 seboos said:

    So, Dear Papa, doesn’t help me, but… Eureka:) i back to fw 4.4, rooted It, and upgrade without wipe data and media (or toothpick) to this firmware. Next i enable USB debugging and voila, i have this fw with root. Many times i tried update 5.1 to newer 5.1 with toothpick, wipe data. This was the cause of failures in my case.

  30. 1 Papa said:

    Best regards

  31. 1 FenriX said:

    Hi! I would like to try and install this ROM on my M8S… But i don’t want to make a mess:
    i don’t care if the Ethernet stops working but i need Wifi, my device has a BroadCom BCM43xx WiFi Chip, is this compatible with it?

  32. 1 andy said:

    tried this on my M8S and although it installed ok
    the M8S still said it was on 4.2 and not 5.1
    so not sure what went wrong

  33. 1 Papa said:

    You are here on M8S (+) No. M8S!

    No works for M8s!!

  34. 1 dman said:

    How do I get notification bar and status bar to appear?

    Big issue for me, any advice would be great.

  35. 1 Xanthrax said:

    There’s no way to get that, go back to kk or wait for an update, maybe it will be fixed

  36. 1 donbarlone said:

    Thank you very much for that info . I managed to install update and the device is also rooted now. Thank you

  37. 1 Gianko said:

    Hola, es estable instalar esta rom?… Algunas fallas que encontraron?..

  38. 1 Alessandro said:

    I didn’t install latest version yet but with previous version the screen video capture freeze system. Fixed it?

  39. 1 Alex said:

    anyone know a working screen recorder app for 5.1.1 because everytime I try record screen the system freeze! Has also some fluidity issues

  40. 1 Xanthrax said:

    I personally can’t see any point of taking a screenshot or screen record from this kind of devices
    Moreover the status bar seems to be eliminated, I can’t find any documentation why is that but I guess that’s the reason why those useless capture functions doesn’t work
    Otherwise I’m pretty happy with this update, I’ve eliminated some apps that I don’t use, added adaway and manually updated kodi to the latest RC, it works flowesly

  41. 1 Tim said:

    Anyone knows who made this rom? I need despairingly FUSE support! Please.

  42. 1 pakogist said:

    Hello please i need link to get latest lolipop firmware for M8S Amlogic S812

  43. 1 nanou said:

    me too i want to have android 5 on my M8S. may be it will fix my problem : each time i try to turn on the bluetooth, it turn off again after few seconds searching.

  44. 1 Xanthrax said:

    As you can see by searching on this site, there’s no lollipop for M8s, for plus only, enjoy mediatek processors…

  45. 1 Alex said:

    Xanthrax, what are u saying????? . If someone want to take a screenshot or record screen can’t with this ROM is not normal. Everytime I launch an app to capture screen system freeze!!!. Is not so good this rom. Slow startup system, system interface with some bugs etc. .

  46. 1 leafar2 said:

    I have KII-userdebug 5.1.1 LMY47V 2015101030 test-keys, but not root.
    I can flash this ROM from update ota tool?
    Thanks a lot!

  47. 1 Xanthrax said:

    Yes, you can flash it but it will delete your data, it will be a clean flash
    Use the sdcard as posted above
    The root is included

  48. 1 Androidguy said:

    I have problem with this unit. My M8S+ youtube performance is terrible.

    The video will stutter, slight pause.

    Can anyone help? I am using the latest firmware.

  49. 1 Tim said:

    Xanthrax, you made this firmware? Please add FUSE support. Please!

  50. 1 Xanthrax said:

    Lol no, how could I?
    This is quite closed source, I tried to find it but nothing came up as many Chinese devices like this are
    Mediatek processors are well known for slow updates, bugs and closed sources so I don’t think that someone can port or mod this rom
    I have chosen this device because it’s cheap and fairly well balanced hardware /price, I personally don’t expect much from it, I just watch some movies and TV channels in my bedroom

  51. 1 Xanthrax said:

    Some games doesn’t even react on the left click of the wireless mouse…

  52. 1 Skipper said:

    Tried many times to install last version of lolly pop 5.1.1, but still bricked. Can I downgrade to KitKat? Who has experience and give a link to the a working firmware for my m8s+?!

  53. 1 Grokav said:

    Successfully installed using Paulcl’s step-by-step

    Working fine and rooted!

    Only issue, can’t update to kodi 16.0 jarvis

  54. 1 Xanthrax said:

    To update kodi backup its data, uninstal and install it back with your desired version, restore its data

  55. 1 Henrik Johansson said:

    Can’t get Dolby TrueHD to work with this firmware 🙁

  56. 1 Dmitry said:

    Return back to the control panel and the status bar, just awful bad without them.

  57. 1 Cretinelus said:

    Hy I encounter a problem with this new IOS 5.1.1. I cant hear the sound in a game : Angry Birds 2 , its only heard a
    continuous thump sound , I tried the device on a different Tv but no change on sound. maybe is an issue with sound codecs for this game?

  58. 1 Cretinelus said:

    any chance to solve this sound problem?

  59. 1 Godzelf said:

    Is there a img file for this rom bricked my M8s+…sd card wont work.

  60. 1 maba said:

    Can I enable microsoft DRM playready on the device ?

  61. 1 Camila Villareal said:

    Good day, I have a M8s can install this firmware? because in the video apaece M8s and the download link M8s +

    Thanks … Greetings from Colombia

  62. 1 Camila Villareal said:

    I need to know if I can install it to M8s
    please help

  63. 1 stephen millington said:

    hi can i put this on an m8s box

  64. 1 chris said:

    this did not work on my amlogic m8s…im looking to update to kodi 17 (a major kodi update) ive been looking for over 2 hours for the right firmware and have had no success with any i found. One did work but it still lists android version as kitkat….angry

  65. 1 Edwin Munoz said:

    I have the m8s tv box an i want to update firmware to 5.1 if the firmware is good for my box.

  66. 1 Andy R. said:

    Does anyone have Lollipop firmware for the M8S? I would like to have the latest version of Android for when Kodi 17 is released as it will no longer support 4.4.2. Really don’t want to invest in another box. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  67. 1 Someone85 said:

    People this firmware is for the M8S+….

    Stop asking if you can install this fw on a m8s! Or if you meant the “Plus” version, use proper grammar.

    M8S+ -> up to 5.x.x
    M8S -> up to 4.4.2 only.

  68. 1 M8Sfan said:

    I have a M8H S812 2g/16g android box 4.4 kitkat . Can I use this firmware to upgrade my box. TIA.

  69. 1 chouzo said:

    Hi, I updated without a problem my m8s+ model 2go/16go. However the infra-red does not work anymore cause the original remote control does not work. Luckily I have an external remote with keyboard. Another issue is the light. When off I got the blue and turned one I got the red. Any trick to change this?

  70. 1 Milk said:

    i updated my m8s to 5.1.1, its just that the ethernet doesn’t work only works withh wifi. also Stb emulator works and crashes. Anyone got any solutions

  71. 1 puffyx said:

    Hi, I have the same problems like “chouzo”. Infrared doesnt work and the lights, blue and red for on and off, are changed.
    Any solution for this problems?

  72. 1 kodimodi said:

    I got a m8s (non plus) box I really want to update to lollipop so I can run latest kodi versions in the future, now kodi is dropping KitKat support. M8s plus firmwares will flash on this box but usually no wireless working etc.

    I think all I can do for now is hope libreelec (openelec fork) gets ported for our s812 chipset. Ive got a s805 TV stick and flashed libreelec on that and its amazing it flies!

  73. 1 Sondra Oppedisano said:

    I have the M8S+..for a year it has worked well.
    But for 2 days now, it does not load my apps when clicked. Especially YouTube app and My Daily Devotion app. Do I need to update my M8S+ box?

  74. 1 danyrolux said:

    Try first to reset to Factory Settings, if it’s not working, then try to reflash stock firmware…

  75. 1 puffyx said:

    Where do i get the stock firmware? I need the 4.4.2.

  76. 1 Facundo Tapia said:

    After hours i finally found something that works!!! thank you so much!!

  77. 1 J69 said:

    i installed it form the SD but : is not rooted
    2.can’t connect to google play.
    any idea ?
    thank you ,

  78. 1 Coifox said:

    I have a M8S+, I try to install this update, freshly formatted SDCard FAT16 (will not format to FAT32), using the toothpick method or the select method from the restore menu, the box always stays on the Amilogic badge splash screen… nothing left it for hours.

    If I remove the SDCard and use the toothpick method I can get to the load from EXT, then if I put in the card nothing.

    Please and help would be great.

  79. 1 Sher said:

    just wanna know, is it possible to install Marshmellow on m8s+…..if yes plese provide a link please..thanks in advance

  80. 1 Barry said:

    Bricked my M8S and this firmware has worked on M8S with CS_812M8_V1.4 Board 20160325 with CREATEK CK-WB-B30X-SM Chip

    LAN not working / WiFi 2G/5G Working.

  81. 1 dan said:

    i have flashed this to my m8s+ but i do not have wifi anymore? anyone have a solution?

  82. 1 Pepe said:

    I try to install the 5.1.1 firmware and shows ERROR
    Could anyone send me the right firmware
    I have a M8S+ box

  83. 1 i said:

    I have successfully installed this FW on my M8S box with XT-s812-v10 PCB, using Update&Backup utility, just by loading the ZIP into the app. My box is not M8S+ so there are some things that don’t work with this update:
    – Ethernet doesn’t work, but Wireless is OK
    – Remote control doesn’t work
    – Blue and red LEDs swapped
    For rooting, I have used TWRP.
    (I guess that some of you guys need to edit updater-script in order to install this update on the box)

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