Download latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 stock firmware for M8S TV Box

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This firmware is for M8S TV Box with Amlogic S812 CPU



Download latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1 stock firmware for M8S TV Box from here or here. Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for M8S TV Box fromΒ here. Download previous firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive: M8S_S812_23072016
Model: M8S TV Box
Image file size: 475MB
Platform: Amlogic S812
Build number: Android/n200C/n200C:5.1.1/LMY47V/20160721:user/test-keys
Inside archive: firmware + aml_autoscript + factory_update_param.aml + recovery.img + u-boot.bin

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 Bigbouble said:

    Did anybody try this on their m8s? I am really excited to see a Lollipop firmware!

  2. 1 Gabriel said:

    I’ve tried but it doesn’t work for BCM 4335/ OTT TV Box πŸ™ Sadly it doesn’t work for me.

  3. 1 Bigbouble said:

    Finally I tried the firmware but it didn’t work on mine either. It loads fine but then comes to a black/gray screen making flashing and then the flashes stop and leave you in a black screen and a working mouse pointer but nothing else..

  4. 1 Luca m said:

    M8s briccato….non parte neanche lo stand by

  5. 1 Ayman said:

    It did not work with me
    the device bricking

  6. 1 Max said:

    I tried it on my M8S. But I got following error
    This package is for “n200C” devices; this is a “n6330”.

  7. 1 mtso said:

    The firmware does not work for M8S AP6630 motherboard 2G 8G: m8 v8_1 model n200, bricked.

  8. 1 evren said:

    I tried to update my M8S update started but had error screen, i picked reboot. Black screen come and never started again. Only red light works on device. What should i do?

  9. 1 indus_rich said:

    This firmware bricked mine too but managed to get back 4.4.2 by using USB Burning Tool, Bootcard Maker (U-boot), toothpick switch and pin short (pin 16-17 flash) all together. Nightmare.

  10. 1 chenvega said:

    hard brick for m8s model N200c.
    no led blue.

  11. 1 Chavez said:

    Has anyone gotten it to work?

  12. 1 Donaud Towns said:

    on my box I can not get you tube to work and it just does not perform like when I first bought it

  13. 1 Cor said:

    hello, I’ve tried the firmware for my M8S but it’s not the right one… it says I need n200 firmware image (not n200c)…
    Please help!

  14. 1 sky said:

    Bricked mine too.

  15. 1 cns said:

    This firmware works in M8S+ that I bought in Aliexpress (chinese TV box )?

    CPU Amlogic S812 Quad-Core Cortex A9 de 2.0 GHz

    GPU Mali-450MP GPU @ 600 MHz

  16. 1 cns said:

    Do I have to extract the file too ?

  17. 1 Frederick stead said:

    Hi I have a Android M8s box,quid core Cortex A5 and GPU Mali 450, software 4.4.2 software,Will your software update for M8S 812

    work on my box, thank you.

  18. 1 Mats said:

    Although this firmware did not work “out of the box”, it was very useful to get a fully working system. See what I did on

  19. 1 hobbes said:

    hi mats, why i am getting a E:footer is wrong and E:Signature verification failed/ Thanks!

  20. 1 Nicko said:

    I have m8s android Box ap6330 with android 4.4 and i want install android 5.1.Which of this firmware is for my box?
    Thanks for help

  21. 1 jephte said:

    that firmware do not work on m8s ap 6330.

  22. 1 Mats said:

    @hobbes: Are you using the “toothpick method” when installing the firmware? Without going into much technical detail, the Acemax firmware installer wipes everything when using the “toothpick method”. In this case that is a very good thing. For the second stage flashing (using the Acemax firmware as a skeleton for the DevDigitel Rom), you must use TWRP, which can bypass signature verification.

    @Nicko: My M8S is also AP6330 WiFi. I suggest that you follow the guide I posted previously. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  23. 1 David said:

    I have Goobang doo M8S bought from amazon.. Does this firmware works? Mines needs an update and the supplier does not answer my questions..

  24. 1 Nicko said:

    @Mats it is very you have youtube video for easy install.or another easy tip?Thanks
    Are you swedish?

  25. 1 Mats said:

    @Nicko I do not have a Youtube video for this, in my own opinion the instructions are written in a clear and direct way. As far as I can tell there is no easier way to do this. In reality the software does a lot of very advanced things under the surface.
    Yes, I am born in Sweden, but living in China now for the past 9 years. Love it πŸ™‚

  26. 1 Nicko said:

    @Mats i mean if you can do changes in the files and upload two diferent files. So i can install first one file and later second file

  27. 1 antonio1 said:

    I tried it last night and I think I did it forever, the blackbox M8S doesn’t want to boot again, even the power led does not light anymore, just a short flash of light when I plug the power. What can I do now? Why happen this to me?

  28. 1 danyrolux said:

    Try this method

    Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

  29. 1 antonio1 said:

    @danyrolux I’ll try according to the link indicated, I hope I can rescue my OTT M8S, I really miss it. I know the caution is there, but which one of us could know what is really doing as soon as a huge package of software can’t be checked just like that.
    I will let you know the news, I hope to make it back to live again.

  30. 1 Mats said:

    @Nicko Sure, here is a link to the two files that need to be on the root of the SDCard for the second flash.!JEAClJzA!xVTIi7ZeZi7KOTIlcjEtEg

  31. 1 Mats said:

    I have now updated and simplified the installation guide, see this post for more information:

  32. 1 antonio1 said:

    It seems that I have no chance to recover my m8s, this upgrade killed the device forever. If there is anything to try, it will be nice, but I still have no hope.
    thank you,

  33. 1 Mats said:

    @antonio1 These boxes are practically speaking unbrickable. What you need to do is to short some pins on the NAND memory and then you can flash it again (I had to do this myself several times when trying different ROMS). Try just searching for “m8s short pins” on google, it will give you all information you need. In my case I needed to short pins 29 and 30. Good luck!

  34. 1 Alieno said:

    Hi Mats, Thanks a lot. I have Akaso M8S:

    1. Is it possible to install on this box Android 5.1 using your method?
    2. Can I revert back to original Android 4.4 ?
    3. Sorry for my ignorance but what is TWRP needed for the remote control?


  35. 1 danyrolux said:

    I am not sure, since I don’t have your device…

  36. 1 Mats said:

    1. Maybe. What WiFi chip does it have? What firmware are you using now?
    2. Yes, but be aware that you can run into the problems that antonio1 has. A backup/confirmed original firmware is an absolute must before trying these things.
    3. TWRP is needed for the second stage flashing. Remote control is optional (you can extract the necessary files already from an existing Kitkat 4.4 ROM yourself). My M8S box has a remote control just like the picture you can see at the top of this page.

  37. 1 Alieno said:

    Hi Mats, thanks for your reply. How can I check the chipset of the WIFI? Should I open the box and look at the motherboard? Or there is an app which tells me that? Thanks

  38. 1 Mats said:

    @Alieno Yes, open it up. Also check the NAND chip etc. Google is your friend.

    Just by a quick search is seems that there is a quite exotic Realtek chip (RTL8723BS). So Wifi and Bluetooth will most likely not work, assuming that the system works otherwise. That may or may not be showstoppers for you.

  39. 1 Jack said:

    Where are the instructions how to install this? I downloaded the file and try to install but installation always aborts as if the file is corrupt. I am using the file:
    file size: 489,095,168 bytes

    My TV box model is M8S


  40. 1 donniedubh said:

    @Mats: does this work for the BCM4335 Chip as well? Anyone try it on a cheap clone with BCM4335 yet?

  41. 1 Mats said:

    @donniedubh I have asked for feedback, but so far none. I think that most likely it will work with BCM4335, so why don’t you try and let us know? πŸ™‚

  42. 1 Mats said:

    @Jack You need to have all 5 files in the root of your SDCard, and then use the toothpick method.

  43. 1 donniedubh said:

    @Mats unfortunately my OTT box is tricky… it doesn’t go into recovery mode and the only way I can hook a flash off SD is using bootcardmaker… and even then it’s spotty at best. No probs with USB burning tool. I have to use bootcardmaker to hook the Acemax firm in Step 1… it shows the android robot and loads the firm into NAND but then blue light + black screen = nothing. Please elaborate: “this firmware will boot, but later just hang at a flickering background” How far along does it go in the boot process?

  44. 1 Mats said:

    @donniedubh It does the full initial boot:
    1. White Android logo on black background
    2. Initial installation of apps
    3. First start of the GUI, which crashes
    4. Stuck at a flickering background (changes when you move the mouse)

    So what I did was basically replace the system by using Team DevDigitels Universal S8xx ROM. That way I could make it work.

    Sounds like you could maybe run this, by always booting off the SDCard?

  45. 1 Nuka said:

    Thanks Mats glad you made progress. My M8S has M8 V8_6 20150820 motherboard with AP6330 and following your steps takes me to black screen after SOC logo, cannot get to TWRP or stock recovery at all. Maybe I am on the wrong stock rom as it freezes sometimes and has to be switched off. When using USB Burning Tool can unbrick it but back to square one. Wondering if anyone has any ideas what .img could I flash please?

  46. 1 Vincent Chattoo said:

    I have a M8S with n200 and ap6330. Everything went well except the remote volume controls don’t work. I have tried most of remote patches and can not get it to work.Any suggestions.

  47. 1 Vincent Chattoo said:

    There are still a few remote patches to try, so I will continue to do this. By the way thanks to Mats for the excellent work I was able to load Kodi 17.1 to my old box.

  48. 1 Mats said:

    @Nuka You can try with the M8S+ ROM available from the official Acemax site, it might work on your box

    @Vincent Chattoo: Glad to hear you got it working, I really like the new look and feel of Kodi 17 :-). To get the remote control working, you can firstly take the file “/system/etc/remote.conf” from a KitKat ROM where the remote control works, and later just overwrite that same file in the Lollipop ROM. Thats basically all there is to it.

  49. 1 Fede said:

    @Mats how do I check what hardware i have?.. I have opened the M8S box but i dont find anything that references to n200 or n200c … only the motherborad has a name m8 V8_8 and thats it … other chips have numbers but no n200 or n200c

    help please

  50. 1 Mats said:

    @Fede 1. If your system is already up and running, you can use for instance CPU-Z.
    2. If your system is not running, you can modify the file modify the file “META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script” to look for a box number that will not match (like change from “n200” to “n200123”). The updater program when used with TWRP will tell you what your box identifies as, and then just halt the attempted update.

  51. 1 danny said:–console-computers/amlogic/m8s-ap6330-lollipop-5-1-1-rom-t3585627

    i managed to fix the black screen issue on ap3660 this rom is good and LAN works too. aswell as wifi.

  52. 1 Keith said:

    Mats you are a damn genius thank you a million it worked.

  53. 1 Mats said:

    @danny Good work, this could very likely help other people who are having problems updating using the files that worked on my box! πŸ™‚
    (The M8S boxes are indeed “attack of the clones”…)

    @Keith Thank you, but I really think that the credits should go to Team DevDigitel on XDA, he did all the “heavy lifting” in this case. I just found a good way to re-package his work, that’s all.

  54. 1 Dale said:

    Image worked perfect, sort of, been trying different methods to get google play installed, won’t let me add accounts either. I assume I’m missing some google support files. Any ideas folks?

  55. 1 James said:

    can someone tell me how to put on my remote.conf file as I don’t know the shh username and password plus where to put it i used the remote.conf file when i had librelec on

  56. 1 Mats said:

    @Dale What image? There are 3 images now on this page:
    1. Original Acemax
    2. My modifications
    3. Danny’s modifications.
    For my modifications, Google play worked perfectly.

    @James If you want to use ssh/sftp, then install a ssh/sftp server. If this sounds like a daunting task, then just copy your remote.conf to a usb memory stick, and then use a root shell to copy it to “/system/etc/remote.conf”. For what its worth, I just gave up on the crappy Android firmware for my S905X box, and went the libreelec path. Not going back, video playback is flawless with libreelec.

  57. 1 chodzik said:

    Is there any chances to have working android 5 (or more) on m8s n200 ap6330? I have tried Maths and Danny’s mods but without any resoults.

  58. 1 bigmecha said:

    Hi there

    I had to re-install 4.4.2 Kit Kat version, because the 5.1.1 Lollipop version would not work via updating nor by the tooth pick installation. Isn’t there a way to make a script that or does anybody have a script for my M8S as it shows above for the picture that includes any mouse updates. I did not figure out the mouse update that was needed to move the mouse on the screen for 5.1.1 version to work nor could get it to work.

  59. 1 Lee said:


    Hi, trying to upgrade M8S to Lollipop.

    I followed your updated guide for my M8S n200c, first Step 2 with Acemax firmware went fine. As it says in your guide that its not worth booting “Be aware that this firmware will boot, but later just hang at a flickering background.” I went straight to Step 3 & 4.

    While flashing, it could not verify the files, so I removed the SD card, formatted it again, and tried a second time, it still wouldn’t work.

    I powered down to try again from scratch, but unfortunately the box wont power up at all now, with or without toothpick, I’ve just got red LED.

    I assume its bricked? Is there anything else worth trying, if it involves soldering across pins etc ill just bin it, not that I can not do this but they are so cheap its not worth the time, already wasted half a day reading up on it before trying.

    Thanks in advance for any further advise. Lee

  60. 1 Mats said:

    @Lee Not being able to verify the files means that you were not using TWRP, but instead the built in recovery.

    Sounds like a soft brick. Try the Amlogic USB burning tool. If that does not work, then indeed shorting NAND pins is the way forward.

  61. 1 Novix said:

    Hey Mats, There was a comment about this not being for the N200, I to0 have this issue where it say’s it is only for the n200c and I have the n200, is there a work around or another file to get?


  62. 1 Mats said:

    @Novix Yes, just follow my guide, the relevant file has already been edited for a n200 (META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script)

  63. 1 Danny said:

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