Download Rockchip Driver Assistant v4.3

Posted in Sep 16, 2015 in News, 4 comments

Rockchip has released some time ago a great tool called RK Driver Assistant to automatically install the correct drivers on different Windows versions.



You can download Rockchip Driver Assistant v4.3 from here, here or here. (9 MB)

You can download previous RK Driver Assistant v4.1 from here.


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  1. 1 George Palos said:

    Yes! This time worked perfectly!
    The previous version v. did not help me at all.
    This time with the v. i had success with my firmware
    update on my Measy B4T by installing first the drivers.
    Thanks from Greece.

  2. 1 madi said:

    this good

  3. 1 bernado said:

    Rockchip Driver Assistant v4.5 is available now, RK Android Tool v2.3.9 also!

    What’s new with Driver Assistant v4.5?
    – release date is 05.30.2016 (previous version 4.4 was 10.30.2015).
    – added support for new chip (pid= 0x110A, 0x110B, 0x110C, 0x110D, 0x110E).

    What’s new in Android Tool v2.3.9?
    – new value ‘WORK_MODE=’ in config.ini file (3 states: ANDROID, LINUX, CVR).
    – new button ‘Read Chip Info’ in the Advanced Functions’third dialog box.
    – new function to run script file (*.sh). I’ve NOT tested this (undocumented) function!

    I’ve worked a little bit with ResourceTuner and ResourceHacker utilities to fix few english translations and to give a better design to these Rockchip tools. You can download these 2 Rockchip utilities (this is “revamped” versions, modified by me) here:

    Here is where I found the original versions:

  4. 1 mds said:

    bom demais

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