Download Ugoos UT4 TV Box latest firmware update 1.1.1

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Today we prepare new improvements and fixes pack for your Ugoos UT4 TV Box.

Ugoos UT4Download Ugoos UT4 latest firmware update 1.1.1 from here, here or here. Download previous firmware v1.0.1 from here.

Firmware details
Archive: UT4_1.1.1
Model: Ugoos UT4 TV Box
Image file size: 446 MB
Platform: Rockchip RK3368 / RK330A
Image: UT4_1.1.1.img
Build number: UT4-userdebug 5.1.1 LMY48G eng.serega.20160530.100439 test-keys
Model number: UGOOS-UT4
FW version: 5.1.00
Boot version: 2.40
SDK version: RK30_ANDROID5.1.1-SDK-v1.00.00
Inside archive: firmware + AndroidTool v2.3 + DriverAssitant_v4.3 + ugoos_firmware_upgrade_guide

Ugoos UT4

For the Ugoos UT4 v 1.1.1 we provide a full list of new features that was implemented in Rk3288 release before.

Main new features
– Gamepad settings – let you customize your gamepad control settings
– Ugoos File Manager – our new step for making Ugoos TV Boxes more convenient for remote controllers.
– TV Settings – application developed by Google special for Android TV

Updates and fixes
– Daydream and Sleep Logic. Now we separate setting timer for screensaver and for sleep features. You can set only daydream or sleep or both and set appropriate time. Also you can start it from menu via choosing special menu item. Run Daydream: Settings – Display – Daydream.
– Screen rotation. Screen rotation feature let use TV Box for a wider amount of non-casual tasks. It becomes more convenient for displaying different types of information. New function let you choose screen positions with five different settings. Forced orientation for all applications added for both vertical (portrait) and horizontal types. Run screen rotation: Settings – Display – Screen rotation
– Hardware Monitor. We added new icons with activity visualization, so now you can choose if you want to display only icons or icons and text values also. Added network activity and CPU load activity. Run Hardware Monitor: Settings – Ugoos Settings – System – HW Monitor
– RockChip Game Conrol Settings. This feature helps you to play those type of games which unable to use game controllers and keyboard. We enabled support RKGameConrolSettings by default in this firmware.

Ugoos UT4
v1.1.1 Main changes from previous version:
1. Added Gamepad settings and axes simulation.
2. Added TvSettings.
3. Replaced Rockchip Filemanager on Ugoos Filemanager.
4. Changed processing logic of Daydream (Screensaver) and Sleep timers.
5. Added Cast Receiver app. You can share video to the box from YouTube app on your mobile phone.
6. Fixed time zone for multi-window mode.
7. Fixed bug on/off fireasy support.
8. Fixed bug save date & time after reboot.
9. Enabled support RKGameConrolSettings by default.
10. Fixed a sound bug in some games.


How to flash this firmware
1. If it first time, you need to install drivers use DriverAssitant or manual when connecting device
2. Run AndroidTool.exe
3. Switch to “Upgrade Firmware” tab
4. Press button “Firmware” and select update image (Example: “ut4_1.0.0.img”)
5. Connect device to PC via USB OTG port (full guide by connecting you can find in “ugoos_firmware_upgrade_guide”)
6. Press “Upgrade” button

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