Dunu DK-2001 Latest Earphones 3BA + 1DD goes on sale offcially in November

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Dunu, Established in 1994 as an OEM manufacturer, DUNU soon grew to be much more with their own in-house high-quality earphones to tempt the masses. Their impressive DN-series of earphones have been able to deliver stellar sonic performance with good articulacy and bass. While DUNU’s strive for high-end perfection has not ended, each iteration hopes to achieve just that with their bold and entrancing vision.

Dunu DK-2001

The new baby DUNU DK-2001 earphones launched on the CIHE show in September, will go on sale officially since Nov, 4th.

The DK-series is DUNU’s latest hybrid in-ear headphones with an emphasis on hybrid technology to capture the best spectrum of sound. The advantage of such a technology is that DUNU is able to employ dynamic drivers with large coils to drive those impactful and deep lows whilst still capturing the precision and extension of mid to high frequencies with balanced-armature sets.

Dunu DK-2001 earphones features
– 3BA + 1DD (with Dual-Sided PVD Beryllium Coating)
– High-purity silver-plated OCC copper cable with an exclusive patented quick-switch modular plug cable system.
– The MMCX detachable plug and socket design on the cable offers an endless choice of replacement and upgrade.

Enter the $299.99 DUNU DK-2001 in-ear headphones, a hybrid IEM with 3 balanced armature drivers for mid-high frequencies and a single dynamic driver with Dual-Sided PVD Beryllium Coating for low-frequency reproduction.

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