DUNU Falcon Pro, Latest ECLIPSE Dynamic Driver IEM At An Affordable Price

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DUNU Top-Sound, widely known as DUNU is a name trusted by audio enthusiasts for its high-quality in-ear monitors and exquisite upgrade cables. The brand has a wide range of products that got great recognition worldwide for their performance as well as build quality. Today, we have brought you the latest from the house of DUNU Top-Sound, the brand new DUNU Falcon Pro.

DUNU Falcon Pro

It is a successor to the widely acclaimed DUNU Falcon-C with upgraded looks and internals. Falcon Pro now features DUNU’s patented ECLIPSE Driver technology with a new-generation 10mm dynamic driver with a large DLC dome. DUNU Falcon Pro is the fourth set in their lineup to feature the ECLIPSE driver tech, after the flagships DUNU Luna, Zen, and Zen Pro. This can be considered as a great entry-point to the experience of the premium ECLIPSE dynamic driver technology by DUNU priced at just 219.99$.

– 10mm ECLIPSE dynamic driver with Amorphous DLC Dome.
– Fully Independent Suspension Surround.
– Powerful 1.6T magnetic flux.
– Interchangeable tuning nozzles.
– Dual-chambered resonance control with multi-path Airflow Damping.
– Rich CNC finished cast stainless steel housings with a chrome mirror finish.
– Exquisite design with sandblasted logo motif frosting on the edges.
– Premium 6N silver-plated OCC copper cable with catch-hold MMCX connectors.
– Patented Q-Lite Pro modular plug system.
– Packed with 2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS, and 4.4mm TRRS plugs.

Technical Specifications
– Impedance: 26Ω @ 1kHz.
– Sensitivity: 112±1dB.
– Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz.
– THD+N: <0.3%.

DUNU’s Most Affordable Set With Premium ECLIPSE Dynamic Driver Technology
DUNU ECLIPSE dynamic driver technology was previously limited to the flagship-grade stuff like the DUNU Luna or the DUNU Zen series. We personally loved both of them. It is indeed a fascinating thing to see such a premium brand bringing its premium technology to an entry-level product. Falcon Pro is equipped with a 10mm ECLIPSE dynamic driver with an amorphous diamond-like dome and a fully independent suspension surround. DUNU has designed the driver with an advanced magnetic architecture to produce greater than 1.6T magnetic flux. The pair is tuned to deliver an immersive experience complementing different genres of music with a powerful bass response and lovely vocals.

Bold & Beautiful
DUNU is a premium brand that creates every single product in its collection with utmost precision and detail. Falcon Pro is no different here. The pair, like a Falcon, has a bold approach for its design. DUNU has designed them using a high-precision CNC machining process with high-quality Stainless Steel material. They have a dual-chambered anti-resonance shell design to provide supreme comfort while wearing them. The pair also has DUNU’s logo sandblasted motif printing on the edges of both earpieces.

Interchangeable Tuning Nozzles
DUNU Falcon Pro features an interchangeable ear nozzle that allows for slight adjustments to the sound output. We are pretty sure you are gonna love the stock sound of the Falcon Pro, but in case you would like to tweak it slightly a bit as per your preference, Falcon Pro comes bundled with three different sets of replaceable tuning nozzles.

DUNU’s Patented Q-Lite Modular Plug System
DUNU is the king of aftermarket IEM upgrade cables. They manufacture some of the best IEM upgrade cables available in the market today. They pack their IEMs with the same high-quality cables to bring the best out of them. DUNU Falcon Pro comes packed with a high-purity 6N silver-plated OCC Copper cable with swappable termination plugs. They come bundled with 3.5mm TRS, 2.5mm TRRS, and 4.4mm TRRS plugs in the package to get you going with your favorite source option.

Price & Availability
DUNU Falcon Pro is available to purchase from Hifigo store for 219.99$.

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