DYU V1 Deluxe or DYU D3 Plus, which is better?

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Many DYU fans are asking about which one to choose between V1 and D3, today we bring you the most detailed comparisons between the two electric bikes.

DYU V1 Deluxe

Firstly, DYU V1 Deluxe comes with a 10 ah battery which is the same as DYU D3 Plus.
As we all know, battery is the soul of the electric bike, and both electric bikes are excellent in the power aspect. So this round is a draw.

Second, the e-bike body is different between the two models.
DYU V1 features its V shape one-piece design ebike frame. This design makes the whole e-bike sturdy, steady and durable when riding. It’s as hard as diamond that no one can break it easily no matter how heavy the rider is. If your prefer a more sturdy e-bike, DYU V1 would be a great choice. DYU D3 Plus features its foldable design e-bike body. This design is space-saving. You can fold it up and put it into your car boot in a few seconds, which is very convenient. If you prefer a space-saving e-bike, DYU D3 Plus would be a great choice. As to the e-bike appearance, some people like streamlined D3 plus while many like angular hard-core V1. It’s up to you.

Third, the motor power of the 2 e-bikes are same, which is another draw.
Both are 250W motor, and the mileage per charge is around 40 km, speed is 25km/h, they are similar in riding performance. However, according to DYU company insiders, V1 is more comfortable than D3 Plus when riding. Maybe everyone feels different on this e-bike, you need to find it out yourself if it fits you best.

Last but not least, both DYU V1 and DYU D3 Plus are able to be converted to e scooters.
We believe no other company is producing similar products like this except DYU. And converting between e-bike and e-scooter would add extra fun for DIY.

DYU V1 is more sturdy while DYU D3 Plus is space-saving. Both e-bikes are excellent in beautiful appearance and strong power. Different shapes bring customers different aesthetics joys. Such a gorgeous gadget, are you sure not to take a ride?

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