Elephant Robotics myArm 300 Pi, 7-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm with Arm-Like Dexterity

Elephant Robotics Unveiled its Smallest 7-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm with Arm-Like Dexterity, myArm 300 Pi.

With the improvement of scientific research technology level and the popularization of artificial intelligence, robotics is about to usher in an era of rapid development. How to make robots get rid of the stereotype of high cost and high threshold of use, so that robots can go out of the exhibition hall into the family, has become the goal of every enterprise. Elephant Robotics has always been committed to expanding the application scenarios of robots, so that robots can enter the household.

Its rich product line includes
– Lightweight multi-axis collaborative robots for the field of scientific research and education
– Professional collaborative robots for the field of intelligent manufacturing
– Pet robots for the field of recreation and companionship
– Fully humanized general-purpose robots for the commercial service field.
One of the representatives of lightweight multi-axis collaborative robots is the familiar six-axis collaborative robotic arm myCobot series, which is famous for its compact size and lightweight, and its rich and expandable functions. The myCobot series has been proven in the market for a long time, from personal creativity development to school research and learning to small commercial applications, there are mature examples, which makes it a good choice for robotics enthusiasts to get started.
Elephant Robotics recently invented a new product – myArm 300 Pi!

New 7-axis robotic arm
myArm 300 Pi continues the tradition of small and lightweight desktop robots, but with 7 degrees of freedom, it goes beyond other desktop robots by allowing the arm to be as flexible as a human. The myArm 300 Pi has seven movable joints, meaning that it can perform seven independent movements in space, including three degrees of rotational freedom (rotation around the X, Y, and Z axes) and three degrees of translational freedom (translation in the X, Y, and Z axes), as well as a zero spatial attitude arm angle. The exterior design of the myArm 300 Pi continues the design philosophy of the previous products, combining smooth curves with intricate details. The appearance has been meticulously smoothed, enhancing both the tactile comfort and the overall aesthetic quality of the robotic arm. The structural layout of myArm is centrally symmetrical, a design that gives myArm better balance and stability during operation, helping to achieve precise movement and control.

Product performance
The myArm 300 Pi is designed with an arm span of 300mm, a maximum load of 200g (the load at the far end is halved, and the load is 100g when the arm span is greater than 150mm), a maximum repetitive positioning accuracy of ±0.5 mm, and a 3.3V expansion interface, which is able to adapt to more than 45 minutes of continuous work (to meet the purposes of personal use, classroom use, etc.).

Hardware configuration
The myArm 300 Pi is powered by a Raspberry Pi 4B core motherboard, which is paired with Elephant Robotics’ customized Ubuntu Mate 20.04 operating system, providing an operating experience similar to that of a desktop PC. Therefore, there is no need for an additional PC controller, just connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Software configuration
The myArm 300 Pi has a working radius of 300mm, and is equipped with a variety of features, such as joystick control, ROS1, ROS2 simulation control, MYBLOCKLY, GPIO interface, HDMI interface, Python and a hands-on new science curriculum. It gets rid of the complicated steps of setting up the environment and meets your embedded development needs more easily, making robot control, visual recognition, and scenario development easier.

Scenario Applications
The myArm 300 Pi is the preferred assistant for quickly building robot arm discipline education, control logic teaching, robot application, and ROS simulation experimental classroom, to help you quickly start 7-axis robot arm learning and application. It can be mainly used for education research, creative development and business exploration.

Educational research
First of all, in education and scientific research, myArm 300 Pi can be used for robot posture research, robot motion path planning learning, management and utilization of redundant degrees of freedom of robots, and positive and Inverse kinematics, ROS robot development environment, robot application development, programming language development and underlying data processing and other robot-related subject education.

Creative development
Secondly, in creative development, with the sole exception of the Flat Base, myArm 300 Pi is basically compatible with other accessories in the myCobot series. This expansive compatibility significantly broadens the potential application scenarios for myArm robots. It has achieved perfect adaptation in terms of structure installation and software control, which greatly expands the application scenarios of myArm robots. The myArm robot also opens up nearly 100% of the hardware interface of the Raspberry Pi 4B development board and the terminal Atom, which can be matched with the user’s personal Raspberry Pi 4B and M5Atom peripheral accessories for personalized scene development to meet the creative development of different users.

Business exploration
In terms of personal research and development, the myArm 300 Pi offers a wide range of applications for robot enthusiasts and makers. It can be used to simulate a human arm, enabling diverse scenarios such as playing musical instruments, taking photos and videos, writing, drawing, and even playing games. Additionally, it provides a valuable platform for scientific research, allowing researchers to conduct experiments in areas such as material testing, biology, and environmental monitoring, particularly in fields that may pose safety risks to human personnel.

In educational applications, students can control the movements of myArm 300 Pi using programming languages, thereby gaining insights into programming concepts like loops, conditional statements, and variables. Within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field, students can explore mechanical engineering, electronics, and automation technologies by building and programming the robotic arm. Furthermore, myArm 300 Pi empowers students to engage in creative projects such as art, sculpture, and robot competitions.

In the realm of corporate research and development, myArm 300 Pi finds applications in automated production lines, facilitating material handling and assembly tasks. Its precision and stability contribute to enhanced production efficiency. Moreover, companies can use myArm 300 Pi to simulate everyday product usage, conducting tests to assess reliability and durability, thereby expediting the development of new products or improvements to existing ones. Furthermore, myArm 300 Pi can be integrated with myAGV for autonomous navigation and transport, harnessing visual technologies like infrared thermography and facial tracking.

The myArm 300 Pi supports a wide range of wired, wireless, and other connectivity options to meet the diverse needs of complex projects. It can be seamlessly integrated with various terminals, enabling versatile applications in different scenarios. For instance, it can be connected to a PC for remote control or integrated with a myAGV to create a composite robot,etc.

In summary, the myArm 300 Pi offers versatility and user-friendliness, catering to the needs of individual researchers, educational institutions, and enterprise R&D teams. It is a powerful tool for creative applications and expediting the development process. The myArm 300 Pi combines advanced engineering with state-of-the-art technology to deliver unparalleled performance. With its highly precise motion control system and intelligent algorithms, this robotic arm can execute complex tasks with remarkable accuracy and efficiency. Whether it’s delicate assembly work, intricate manipulation, or high-speed picking and placing, the myArm 300 Pi excels in meeting the demands of diverse applications.

The myArm 300 PI is an innovative 7-axis robotic arm in the field of research and education, which adopts a fully wrapped center-symmetric structure design, taking into account both aesthetics and practicality. Compared with 4/6-axis robotic arms, myArm has higher flexibility and precision, the movement posture of the arm is more similar to the human arm, and the support of dozens of end accessories gives myArm more possibilities. With the customized system and the support of ROS1 and ROS2, the rich software development environment interface makes myArm an excellent teaching aid for robotics discipline learning! The birth of myArm completes the product line of lightweight multi-axis collaborative robots, and also provides broader imagination and possibilities for the scene application of desktop small robotic arms, which fully reflects Elephant Robotics’ dedication to making robotic arms a universal intelligent tool, and letting robots enter thousands of households.

Elephant Robotics official website: https://www.elephantrobotics.com/en/myarm-300-pi-2023-en/
Official purchase link of myArm 300 Pi: https://shop.elephantrobotics.com/collections/myarm-300/products/myarm
More details of myArm 300 Pi: https://www.elephantrobotics.com/en/myarm-300-pi-2023-sp-en/
Gitbook: https://docs.elephantrobotics.com/docs/myarm-pi-300-en/



About Elephant Robotics. Founded in 2016 in Shenzhen, China, Elephant Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese high-tech company specializing in robot R&D, platform software development, and intelligent manufacturing services. The core team is composed of patriotic individuals who have studied abroad in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Currently, Elephant Robotics’ products and solutions have been widely used in multiple fields, including industry, commerce, education, and have been recognized by many enterprises. Since our establishment, Elephant Robotics has established a foundation for an international vision and independent research and development. With the corporate vision of creating an “Enjoy Robots World” , Elephant Robotics invite a diverse product range including educational collaborative robots (myCobot/mechArm/ultraArm/myBuddy/myArm), commercial robots (P/C Serials), and companion robot pets (MarsCat, metaCat and metaDog).

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