Download Android 6.0 stock firmware for H96 Pro TV Box

This firmware is for H96 Pro with Amlogic S912 as CPU. You can buy it from for only $75 with free shipping.

H96 Pro

Download Android 6.0 stock firmware for H96 Pro TV Box from here or here.

Firmware details
Archive: aml_s912_q6330-H96PRO-mac-20160914
Model: H96 Pro TV Box
Image file size: 635 MB
Platform: Amlogic S912
Image name: aml_s912_q6330-H96PRO-mac-20160914.img

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. Sergiu says:

    Your firmware in .img, but we need the firmware in .zip

  2. Sergiu says:

    I have 4 USB ports and no OTG port. I can not connect to the computer, and can only upload the firmware to the flash drive and using the pre-application UPDATE & BACHKUP install the firmware. This application does not see the firmware in .img format, and sees the firmware in .zip format

  3. khj says:

    H96 Pro with reference

    This firmware
    After the update completes
    Crash and freezing occurs

  4. cho says:

    it’s wroung file

  5. khj says:

    (MD5 : 73D093A9C9720F0A44ED5E7E3DDF6AF8)

    A normal file ,It can be updated
    but Crash and freezing occurs

  6. khj says:

    recommend waiting for the next update

  7. khj says:

    Other users youtube 2160p vp9 green screen?
    I have a green screen
    (firmware : MHC19J.20160817 test-keys)

  8. Sergiu says:

    I did not hear the sound when watching .mkv files

  9. James T Carver says:

    IMG files do not work for updating from the device, needs a zip file for the update software to find it and flash the update, since the H96 Pro doesn’t have an OTG port to hook up to a computer this file is useless, please post update file in the proper zip format for us to use.

  10. victor says:

    in zip format for sd card firmware updating please

  11. bibobia says:

    Hi I really need the firmware as a flashable zip so I can fix my tvbox.

  12. grosset says:

    Hi all

    Do you know the name of the company which built that system ?
    I have no sound for some films generally mkv files,it’s a firmware problem,is there any new firmware to resolve that problem ?

  13. Michael says:

    I had problem that does not open you tube, chrome, google play store, google account. All this was fixed when I Installed applique google play service !!!
    Good luck.

  14. Michael says:

    App google play service can be Installed from

  15. larry says:

    Do you please have the firmware for H96 Plus?

  16. Abz says:

    What is the procedure to update the firmware?

  17. Ihor says:

    There is a problem with incompatibility of my TV and TV-box. The version of my TV Philips HDMI 1.3 but version of TV-box HDMI 2.0. That’s why there is an inversion of colour.
    I suppose that updating of firmware will solve this problem with incompatibility. Can manufacturer do it?

  18. chris says:

    My Wlan always turn off and its not possible to turn on. Ethernet is working but i need Wifi, someone can help me pls????

  19. Varnacak says:

    When I press settings for factory reset it is not ps is not opened..main or home screen not seen for H96 pro Android box.kindly advise what to do.

  20. chaos2go says:

    Hey Guys,

    for all who have problems to update this Devices,

    you get no ZIP as Update file because you have to flash your Device via your PC .

    what you need

    USB A to A cable to connect your device to the PC

    Firmware right one is here!9c13SQBZ!PpsrjkqMybmqsZ3W2KLo9XGxNYvuar7vag8FTTsNUhY

    and Armlogic USB Burning tool

    cheers chaos2go

  21. grosset says:

    I have an usb cable A to A ,i have usb burning tools (under windows 7 and windows 10) the drivers have been installed and i have the img file,but the problem when i execute usb burning tools and connect the h95 the sofyware see nothing !
    how to update if the usb burning tools don’t see the h96 ?

  22. athanaric says:

    Everything works but now I can’t switch off the box with the remote (all time blue light) and the TV can’t find the box anymore.I need help urgently please!

    Hey Guys,

    for all who have problems to update this Devices,

    you get no ZIP as Update file because you have to flash your Device via your PC .

    what you need

    USB A to A cable to connect your device to the PC

    Firmware right one is here!9c13SQBZ!PpsrjkqMybmqsZ3W2KLo9XGxNYvuar7vag8FTTsNUhY

    and Armlogic USB Burning tool

    cheers chaos2go

  23. introuble says:

    @Chaos2go Done everything with software tool like u wrote above but now I can’t switch off the box with the remote control (always blue light )and the TV don’t recognise the box anymore.How I can switch off the box now!

  24. introuble says:

    I think its the “sleep state” not really the “power on state” because neither the tv nor the computer can recognize the box now.So I guess its bricked.So don’t even try it to imitate it.Thx a lot @chaos2go you bricked my box!

  25. newy says:


    gonna try this today

  26. chaos2go says:

    So few guys of you have problems with the switch off function of your box …

    Go into settings and setup the power key definition to shutdown .

    Just in time its on suspend and resume .

    you have to boot into Recovery bevor flashing without TV but this stands everything on the website where you get your burning tool …

    i do not brick your boxes guys , have the same box and test it bevor it works fine . do not interupt the power when you flash your box first reboot needs up to 5 mins .

    you have to boot into Recovery bevor flashing without TV

    i can upload a video from flashing to show that it works on my box

  27. chaos2go says:


    I played around to find out what you are doing ok.

    So i had the same Issue that my box turn on only the blue light and nothing happens ….

    That means you aborte the Flash process , you think there stands sucsess ? Sure but you close the Program wrong , reflash your device

    start into recovery by holding the reset button with connecting the power and after the blue lights comes up the USB A to A cable .

    start the burning tool you still see the USB connection , choose the IMG click flash wait up to ~ 2-3 min that there stands sucsess . Afther this click stop to clear all processes on the device and than go to EXIT of the Menu after this you can turn of the usb cable and than the power cable .

    Connect the HDMI Cable of your TV again and than the Power Cable you see your Device boots againg . Still need up to 5 mins after the first fash .

    i try to write a docu of this.

    cheers and a good new Year


  28. chaos2go says:

    Here are all the Tools and a New Softwareversion of the device!Og0VTIaR!p0XirNBH5gQ1ovwLe0jhAA

    I Flashed
    aml_s912_q9377-H96PRO(2+16_kdi16.1)_mac-20161101 to my device and it works fine , wifi is working again needs ~6 min to flash

    I Put the licens files into the folder too for the Burning Tool

    There is a folder Playground , i include the Kodi 17 nigthly build and AptoideTV (other Playstore ) and a nother Launcher , first boot needs time

  29. grosset says:

    1-i downloaded the firmware and the usb burning tool and the licence tool from the link chaos2go
    2-all are installed correctly under windows 7
    3-i put on usb burning tool
    4-i connect the h96 with using two differents way (with using the reset button or not) and i use a usb A to usb A cable
    5- usb burning tool see nothing ,no device connected !

    it’s not running !

  30. chaos2go says:


    did you test every USB Port ? only one is working

    you have to press and to hold the Reset Button and then plugin the USB calbe to the Port on the Top on the same side after this you can stop pressing the reset button

  31. grosset says:


    i have downloaded that firmware!9c13SQBZ!PpsrjkqMybmqsZ3W2KLo9XGxNYvuar7vag8FTTsNUhY
    and now it’s ok to use usb burning
    but with that firmware always the same bug ,i don’t have sound for a part of mkv file or avi file and the kodi is not working well
    Do you have a better firmware with no bug ?

  32. chaos2go says:

    But Thanks grosset that you show us that it works …

    have a look into this one here!Og0VTIaR!p0XirNBH5gQ1ovwLe0jhAA

    under Original from Website is a Newer Version from 01.11.2016 maybe this will fix your Problem otherwise i still test the R-Box firmware as well on the h96 and it works fine

  33. grosset says:

    with that file when i start to install the firmware using usb burning there is an error at 1 percent

    1% [0*00000fff] get key failed

    and then the software stop

  34. grosset says:

    it’s ok for the error the solution is there –>

    it’a licence problem (it’s necessairy to copy the licence file in the folder licence on the computer)

    But now i have a problem when i use your file and try to flash i have an error [0*001004] erase bootloader/lowper/identify/error result

  35. grosset says:

    it’s ok now the firmware is updated ,the good firmware is there –>
    But how i do to turn on the wifi device ? it seems to have a bug !

  36. wepai says:

    no wifi and bluetooth after update with this firmware !!!

  37. Colm says:

    My H96 is not powering up anymore and not sure if it is to do with firmware update or not?

  38. H96 noob says:

    still no wifi fix? after update, my wifi cant turned on.
    do not update with this firmware, or your wifi mac address will changed into
    20:00:00:00:00:00 and your wifi cant turned on

  39. grossetc says:

    Finally i tried to install again that firmware and all is working good wifi and bluetooth too but be carefull use the file aml_s912_q6330-H96PRO-mac-20160914.img (only if you have a q6330 board)

    And when you use the software to install the firmware (install before the licence for the software the Burning Tool )
    Then when you connect the H96 don’t forget to connect the power and the usb cable too.(the usb cable don’t gige enought energy to the H96 and there is an error when you install the firmware)

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