Fishing FanCam, World’s first Wi-Fi fishing float camera @ Indiegogo

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Fishing FanCam, World’s first Wi-Fi fishing float camera – an amazing project @ Indiegogo. You can also help make it happen.



Fishing FanCam is ideal for lovers of active fishing – thats are fly fishing or spinning as means of finding fish. It is enough to attach the Fishing FanCam on to the cord and to take a smartphone, that is always with you. No need in any special equipment. Underwater live video helps to detect objects of fishing when you are fishing in unknown places with a limited time.
Fishing FanCam will be useful for float rod fans, because gives opportunity to see if fish is interested in your bait on live video.
This device is suitable for you if you are interested in all the new and high-tech.

Find the whole story of Fishing FanCam on

Fishing-FanCam Fishing-FanCam


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  1. 1 rıza acar said:

    What happens to unit prices include shipping turkey

  2. 1 carol burroughs said:

    Where can i purchase the wi-fi floating fishing camera

  3. 1 danyrolux said:

    Go to Indiegogo link…

  4. 1 Michael Nel said:

    Where can I buy one and would need to ship to South Africa. What is the cost of this amazing device?

  5. 1 Luis Ferreira said:

    Where can I buy one and would need to ship to Portugal. What is the cost?

  6. 1 danyrolux said:
  7. 1 Dolletta Blalock said:

    Where can i purchase this web cam?

  8. 1 nastase ion said:

    Tell me were can i buy a wifi fishing float camera.thank you.

  9. 1 danyrolux said:

    Read the article, there is a link to the project… 😉

  10. 1 Joe Christensen said:

    I need one please.

  11. 1 DR. DAVID said:

    Why don’t you sell these on Amazon?

  12. 1 Giovanni said:

    I ‘m interested to this product. How can I buy ? I live in Italy

  13. 1 danyrolux said:

    Follow the link provided in this article.

  14. 1 rascol said:

    hi when will they be on sale i need one .if they are on sale now were can i get it from .will you send me an e-male when on sale .

  15. 1 jessie said:

    can i buy one

  16. 1 Traian said:

    Can i buy 1 ?

  17. 1 Dimitar Velev said:

    Where can I buy it?

  18. 1 William said:

    Hi, like to know where & when can buy.

  19. 1 Joel Arevalo said:

    Where can i buy?

  20. 1 Rolandas Kairys said:

    Where I can buy fishint float with camera wi-fi

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