Follow These Few Tips to Hack Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Before discussing how to hack Fire TV Stick, let’s see what is Fire TV stick? Amazon introduced the Amazon Fire TV stick first generation in 2014. It is a type of setup box that could run on any TV and make it a smart TV by providing entertainment and streaming shows and apps directly on your screen.

Amazon Fire

This is a revolutionary device that brings online content onto your TV screen. This device could be evolved as an Amazon Fire TV stick which is a plugin device rather than a setup box. These TV sticks are relatively smaller than the setup box which is powered by a TV. It has a similar function to a setup box.

How Does the Fire TV Stick Work?
A Fire TV stick is a plug-in device that is plugged into your TV’s HDMI port. Next, you have to connect it with the Wi-Fi network and follow the simple process of signing in to your Amazon account. Finally, you just need to download the apps which you want to see on your TV. All the apps are available to the Amazon app store.

This fire stick will show you all your digital music and videos which you purchased on Amazon immediately on your home screen. Additionally, it also shows all the photos you stored in the Amazon cloud drive. All fire TV sticks come with a Wi-Fi remote that lets you control the TV from any section of your room. The remote also has a built-in microphone that helps you to command via your voice. It lets you ask Alexa to play, pause, or rewind your content.

What is a Fire Stick Jailbreak?
Jailbreaking is a type of process of removing all the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer on a Fire TV Stick and allows unauthorized software to install in a Fire TV Stick. When you do this you can easily download third-party applications that are not available in the Amazon App Store. Once you complete the jailbreak process on a fire stick, you can sideload the application onto your fire TV Stick via phone or Internet. By implementing this process, your fire TV stick will have a way to thousands of movies, songs, TV shows, live channels, and sports to watch on.

This is a completely safe and secure process that only involves changing a few settings on the fire stick. So as of now, you have to understand what Amazon Fire Stick is, and how jailbreak in an Amazon Firestick will help you to watch online videos and movies that are not available in the Amazon App Store. Many people are desperately looking for the process of hacking their brand new Amazon Fire TV stick. In the next segment, we will elaborately show you some of the tricks of how to hack your new fire TV stick. As of now, there is no legal action taken against any individual for jailbreaking of his or her Amazon fire stick. So without wasting a second let’s quickly look for the steps of how to hack your firestick easily.

Step 1
The first and foremost step for hacking your fire stick is to connect it with a VPN to secure its IP address. We have to secure its IP address to restrict Internet service providers from seeking the activities done on your firestick.

Though there are several VPNs for fire TV sticks available in the market, keep in mind that whichever VPN you use should have safe and secure compatibility. To secure an IP on a firestick, follow this simple step:
1. Open an account on a VPN you have chosen and launch Amazon fire stick on it
2. Search for the ‘App’ section on Amazon fire TV stick interference on the Homepage.
3. Next search for the ‘Categories’ section under the ‘Utility’.
4. Finally, select the VPN app and click on the preferable VPN server from which you want to connect your Fire TV stick.

Step 2
The next popular way of jailbreaking Amazon Fire Sticks is by setting up Kodi.
To install Kodi on a fire stick, you have to install ES File Explorer on your firestick. To install ES File Explorer on fire Stick, follow these steps below:
● Firstly, search for the ‘Setting’ on the Homepage of Amazon fire stick
● Next select ‘System’ and then ‘Developer’ options.
● Then search for the ES File Explorer from the list of Amazon Fire Sticks.
● Finally, download ES File Explorer and install it. The process may take some time.

As soon as the process is completed successfully, look out for the Kodi app on firestick in ES Explorer. Now follow these simple steps to install Kodi on a Fire TV stick.
● Choose ES Explorer on the Homepage and go to Download manager from the menu.
● You will find a new button on the menu.
● Click on the New button and enter the URL
● Click on the download now button from the ES explorer and wait for some minutes to complete the process.
● Once the download is completed, install the Kodi app on your fire TV stick. This process will take a couple of minutes when opening for the first time.

Step 3
After successfully installing the Kodi app, follow the final steps of hacking your fire TV stick:
● Now open the Downloader app
● Copy and paste the URL of the latest Kodi app.
● The Downloader app will automatically download the apk. file.
● Once the download is complete tap on installing and again wait for the Kodi app to install it successfully on your fire TV stick. As soon as the process completes a notification will confirm that it has been successfully installed on your fire TV stick. You won’t have to worry about firestick buffering again. Initially, it will take time to load.

Where to Buy a Fire Stick?
In the above segment, we discussed whether Outlook had an Amazon Fire TV stick. But before applying these tricks, first, you have to buy an Amazon Fire TV stick so that you can enjoy all the content online from the comfort of your home. This technologically advanced device is available on the Amazon online store from which you can purchase it at a reasonable price with free shipping. This device is also available in your nearest store. But it is always advised to buy an Amazon Fire TV stick from the online store as it gives you a discounted price and will be available to you at your doorstep without any extra price.

Final Words
Amazon Fire Stick is a revolutionary device that helps you in watching all the online content on your TV. It will make your normal LED TV into a smart TV where you can enjoy all the contents available online. By applying all the above hacks, you can also watch all the movies, TV shows that are not available in the Amazon App Store. Hacking an Amazon fire stick is not at all illegal, but it’s a little bit difficult. But today, the way we guided you, will help you in hacking your Amazon Firestick without any problem. Just follow all the steps minutely and enjoy the world of online content in web series, movies, and TV shows on your TV.

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