What full screen phones are coming in 2017?

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As the whole mobile phone industry enters into a new phase and full screen devices are starting to become mainstream in 2017, this design choice is becoming quite popular among users. If 2016 sees the blossoming of dual-lens camera, then 2017 is all the rage for full screen.

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Coming close to the latter half of 2017, more and more full-screen models are being released from smartphone manufacturers, including titans like Samsung, iPhone or Huawei. However, we don’t see many full screen phones released in the first half of the year, only Samsung S8/S8+ and LG G6. With the full screen phone released by SHARP in China, The real prelude of full screen is starting now, why so? First, we need to figure out what is full screen smartphone.

What is full screen smartphone?
Taken literally, full screen smartphones mean that the whole front surface of the phone is covered by the screen with bezel-less design, the screen ratio is nearly 100%. But limited by the technology we have now, no phone has ever made with 100% screen ratio yet. Most of the full screen in the market right now are about 90% screen ratio or more. The race for a truly bezel-less smartphone is well underway. More and more manufacturers are determinedly and deliberately shrinking down the dead space between smartphone screens and the metal frames that invariably surround them. XIAOMI MIX, Samsung S8/S8+ and LG G6 are those with super thin bezels that looks like almost full screen. A truly bezel-less design is still some way off. But make no mistake – it’s coming!

Full screen feature first of all uplifts the visual shock of the phones, making the smartphones more futuristic looking, not to mention that with the same front surface, more screen display is enabled for enhanced visual experience. But the pursuit of a 100 percent screen-to-body ratio, resulting in a phone that is pure screen when viewed from the front, is causing some issues in design and crafting, such as where to place the handset receiver and the front camera, and how to solve the front fingerprint issue. The full screen feature also increases the cost of manufacturing, thus increasing the price of the phone.

Two forms of full screen phone
At present, not many full screen phones can be found on the market, but they have one common feature, which is the 18:9 screen display, except the bizarre ratio of 18.5:9 on Samsung S8/S8+. The panels that come with 18:9 screen ratio are mainly supplied by Samsung, LG and SHARP. In the case of Samsung and LG, their full screen phones enjoy ultra-narrow frames, but the forehead and the chin position still exist, they just become smaller. In SHARP’s full screen phone, however, the bezels are nearly eliminated, and the forehead is also removed for screen display, leaving only the narrow chin position. These two forms currently make up what the full screen smartphone is today, but it’s quite possible that one day the chin of the front surface may be removed too.

Why full-screen would outbreak in the latter part of 2017
So far there are three major full-screen panel suppliers: Samsung, LG and SHARP. Samsung required large demand for their own S8/S8+ models, but with the panel production increased, and the monopolization by Samsung S8/S8+ is coming to an end, Samsung can supply more full screen panels to more smartphone manufacturers. If this is the case, then other suppliers like LG will soon follow suit, therefore more smartphone manufacturers are able to produce full screen phones.

What full screen phones are coming in 2017
Huawei Mate 10, iPhone 8 and Samsung Note 8 are most likely to be full-screen. The TouchID button on iPhone 8 may be removed. Apart from these big names, some less widely-known but budding brands like Vivo, UMIDIGI and Nubia are also coming on the way for full screen display.



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