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With the massive acceleration of technology over the past few years, electronic gadgets are hotter than they’ve ever been. GearBest is one of the most popular online stores for consumer electronics, and is the place to find the very best mobile phones, toys, sporting goods, home products, apparel and more at unbeatable prices for 200+ countries.

Gearbest Associate Program

Why Choose Gearbest?
1. Ships to more than 200 countries and regions.Trend of Sale
2. Flagship website attracts 110 million monthly visits and it is still increasing!
3. There are more than 4 million customers registered at GearBest.
4. There are over 300,000 products to choose from.
5. It has 20 massive international warehouses to expedite order processing, fulfillment, and shipping.
6. It has 8 localized GearBest online stores now including Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia, French, UK and USA with great benefits to all our customers.

Why Choose GearBest Associate program?
The GearBest Associate Program is a performance-based (Cost per Sale Payout) sales associate program that helps GearBest to drive global traffic, convert sales and facilitate associates to monetize their visitors on all their main online channels. Gearbest Associate Program is an unlimited earning potential program with high commission rate, the more you sell, the more you earn!
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GearBest Associate Advantages
There are several advantages to using our dedicated program to earn money compared with competing affiliate programs.
1. FREE and easy to Join — It is 100% FREE to join and use our Associate Program with ultra-high commission rates up to 50%. Commission model here!
2. Promotion cookie can exist for 30 days — Our promotion cookie can exist on the visitors’ browser for 30 days if not deliberately deleted, that means the purchase can be recorded if the buyer ever clicks your links and buy any GearBest product(s) within 30 days. This is better than a single session cookie.
3. 30 Days Order Validation Period — You can earn commission on that sale 30 days after your customers have submitted order payment. That means if the order hasn’t been canceled in 30 days, you will receive the commission. This is much shorter than other affiliate programs.
4. Multiple Ways to Withdraw Commission — Currently, we offer six transfer methods: PayPal, Webmoney, Bank Transfers, Product Coupons. Our Associates can withdraw commission from their account to PayPal/Webmoney when the balance exceeds $100, and withdraw via Bank Transfer when the balance exceeds $1,000. And if you want to transfer your commission into products coupon when the balance exceeds at lease $60, simply contact this email address:
5. Easy to improve Level/Upgrade — In our Associate Program, there are three levels: Standard, Premium and VIP level. The Standard level is for a Monthly Sales Volume (USD) up to $3,000, the Premium level is for sales from $3,000-$10,000, while the VIP level is for top performing sales exceeding $10,000! Our rule is that if your monthly sales volume (USD) reaches ANY of the sales levels, you can retain that level next month; if your monthly sales volume (USD) is lower than your current membership grade (excluding Standard level) for two consecutive months, your membership level will be downgraded from the third month. For example, your sales volume in April is $13,000 and you become a VIP member in May. However, if your sales volume is lower than $3,000 in both May and June, then you will be downgraded to a Standard member in July. But if your sales volume in May is $5,000 and lower than $3,000 in June, then you will be downgraded to a Premium member in July.
6. Post-back Support — In our system, our Associates can view all their Customer Orders on their Reports and know more about their ECPO (each cost per order). But now, we also provide Post-back Support. That means, we can return the Order Information to our Associates via Post-back to provide even more information about the orders! That will be even more useful to analyze promotion performance and success. If you need this support, please contact us at gap@gearbest.comafter you applied for the payment.
7. Multiple Activities — You can find all the important promotion information in our Gearbest Associate Blog, such as weekly promotion information and monthly incentive campaign activities.

How to Make Money from GearBest Associate Program?
1. Register an account here, learn to how to use our Program and create your promotional links.
2. Know our promotion activities or Incentive-based campaigns we ran on our blog or Facebook Page, all the very latest promotion information is there! Or you can refer to our Gearbest Blog to know our Gearbest Sales Trends or how to write a products reviews.
3. Analyze how many promotion channels you can take advantage of to attract massive traffic and sales. Examples: Blogs, YouTube, Forums, Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) & more. Then start to promote! However, when you start the program, don’t focus on earning a lot of money in a short time, you first need to choose your niche and create enough exposure to your promotional link to bring you some real traffic. That way you can get your fans and inform your own affiliate market! What’s more, you need to pay more attention on learning about the products and match them to your customers.
4. Keep in contact with your dedicated Affiliate Manager if you have any issues; your Affiliate Manager will also keep you informed about all the best coupon or deals information.

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