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After iPhone 7 Plus adopting dual camera on the back, Discussion of dual camera has become the trending this year. AGM company Previously released its new product AGM X1 with dual camera 2 months earlier than Apple, so what’s the specifications of AGM X1?



As is well-known, image quality of camera depends on sensor size and lens quality, and due to restriction of volume and thickness, sensor size and optics quality of lens is impossible to be promoted unlimitedly so that lots of smartphones have to promote image quality by adding additional lens.

13MP dual camera modules on AGM X1 consist of two kinds of lens, one is wild angle lens , another one is optical zoom lens.

The biggest advantage of wild angle lens on AGM X1 is you can shoot distant objects and amplify them without non-digital zoom mode; Optical zoom means basically there will be no loss of image quality during amplification without using interpolation to be digital zoom, and AGM X1’s camera is able to make it to smooth zoom when filming by going together with switching lens and digital zoom, which brings sharper and natural photos coming out of the phone.

Besides, the second advantage of dual camera is have two separate modules and independent sensor, AGM X1 allows for enhancing image quality largely even in low-light case. What’s more, pixels of two lens will come to real-time overlap as shooting, and the camera can discern the scene automatically by detecting which object is more real and clearer amongst those two lens. Therefore, it not only can reduce noise clearly, but also deliver cleaner images.

AGM X1 is equipped with the ability to analyze various deep of field automatically with combination of two lens, which brings transient 3D effect when shooting video and also effects auto focus, flare, drawing and other functions.

AGM X1 allows outdoorsman to get rid of those heavy cameras and makes outdoor activity more fashion with shooting by dual lens.



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    Stylish smartphone with amazing hardware and software. Check how sharp pictures you can take with AGM X1 dual camera.

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