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The Google I / O 2019 developer conference was held in May, and the hardware product that impressed me most at this developer conference was Google’s new smart home device, Nest Hub Max, which exists as an updated version of Google Home Hub. It’s a smart display with a huge screen. I am lucky to see the true face of this Nest Hub Max at the scene, let me show you this product.

Google Nest Hub Max

A bigger screen and a passable sound quality
With a 10-inch touch screen, a 1280×800 resolution, a 650000-pixel camera and a 127degree viewfinder, the, Nest Hub Max can be viewed automatically. Of course, as a smart home device, its loudspeaker system is also quite weak. 2x18mm’s 10W treble speaker and 75mm 30W subwoofer constitute the device’s sound system, as well as far-field microphones and backlight sensors. At the same time, the device supports Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, built-in Chromecast.

What’s there to introduce to the camera, editor? If you don’t believe me, I’m interested in the Nest Hub Max because its camera, Nest Hub Max, interacts with the user’s gestures, and the user just looks directly at the camera and raises his hand to stop the sound that Nest Hub Max is playing.

With a camera, you can eventually make video calls using Google Duo, which is suitable for iPhone, Android phones and even Chrome browsers. This means that when people don’t get a call, you can also leave a video message via Duo. What’s more, in a video call, when you walk around the room, the opportunity to translate and follow, and try to let you appear in the camera at any time, the design is very human.

It also allows smart assistants to better recognize your voice by learning machines to familiarize yourself with the faces of you and your family. It allows smart assistants to provide different personalized information, rather than a unified answer for everyone using Nest Hub Max, which is, in short, smarter.

The Nest Hub Max can also act as a user controller for family smart home devices, using Nest Hub Max to display photos as an electronic photo frame and countdown, or Nest Hub Max to help users turn on YouTube to watch videos. Of course, if consumers want to, it can be used as a streaming media device.

So what is the cost of getting the new smart home device, the Nest Hub Max, launched by Google? The price is $229 (about 1600 yuan), £219 (2000 yuan) in the UK and A $3449 (1000 yuan) in Australia.

If you are interested, you might as well pay attention to the follow-up news of this Nest Hub Max device, which will be available for sale in late summer and early autumn.

Google Nest Hub Max

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