Gretel GT6000, the Cheapest 6000mAh Dual Cameras Phone @ AliExpress Mid-Year Sale

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During the past 3 months, Gretel introduced 4 smartphones, they are all very different. And last week, they announced the sexy red color and nice blue color for Gretel A7. Amazing!

Gretel GT6000

Then now, their GT6000 joins the AliExpress mid-year sales and hosts a big promotion on the JTD store here.

Get your hands on GT6000 right now during AliExpress’ mid-year sale with $99.99 and some free gifts. Long-lasting battery life, clever software, dual rear cameras and fingerprint scanner make the GT6000 a compelling midrange choice with the cheapest price. you won’t find a prettier device anywhere else on its price level. And the front fingerprint reader is easy to reach, fast to unlock and safe for daily life.

In below video, they show off some features of Gretel GT6000 phone.
1. First, this guy tests on how fast the fingerprint sensor works, really 0.01S unlock! Good job! Also Gretel GT6000 features a front fingerprint sensor that can be used as a multi-functional button: one-touch to unlock the phone on the off-screen; one-touch to use it as Back Navigation button; two-touch to use it as Home button; long-touch to clear all the running tasks.
2. Second, we can see there are some real photos taken by Gretel GT6000, with the normal mode and Bokeh mode. Except the excellent dual rear cameras with an F2.2 aperture, 4x zoom, and the Panasonic 13.0MP MN34172 sensor. The 5MP selfie camera carries with soft light and flash light to reach a high-quality video chat and selfies.
3. Third, with a USB OTG cable, Gretel GT6000 will be a great way to recharge the other phones; connect an external keyboard to turn your phone into a tablet pc; use it as a non-cloud based backup mass storage to store any multi-media files what you want.

See for yourself! At last, the GT6000 sales will start at 15:00PM (GMT+8) from Jun20. Snap up now!


Gretel GT6000


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