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Jacqueline Rogers is a career woman who loves strolling, exercising, traveling, and exploring. She is also a mother. In 2018, she and her team created My Pregnancy Journey, a comprehensive educational pregnancy app from Africa.

HMS Developers

This app helps mothers-to-be track their baby’s growth and their pregnancy. It offers a wide range of content covering yoga, gynecological advice, daily health articles, and tips for fathers-to-be, making it the ideal companion for all mothers-to-be. It is essentially a library of expert advice about pregnancy and beyond. Three years after its release, My Pregnancy Journey has been a valuable companion for many pregnant women.

Leveraging Digital Media to Educate Users About Pregnancy and Health
Africa has some of the highest rates in the world, concerning adolescent pregnancies, HIV infections, and birth deaths, and one out of four women on this continent has a fatal pregnancy outcome. This eye-opening fact spurred Jacqueline Rogers to develop My Pregnancy Journey. She saw a need to leverage digital media and create a digital companion for pregnant women.

In the early stages of the app’s development, Jacqueline shared many images, videos, and articles from renowned gynecologists on the app. A major feature of the app is that it allows the family members of a mother-to-be to follow her pregnancy journey, a feature that has undergone extensive updating. Now, the app supports 30 functions. These functions are categorized into different parts. The baby functions track the growth of a baby, including how often it kicks and data about the baby’s growth. The mother functions provide physical data records, a contraction counter, and instructions on nutrition and exercise. The father functions update the father-to-be on the pregnancy, baby’s growth, and what can be expected. These functions help connect the whole family throughout the entire pregnancy cycle.

More Possibilities with HMS Core
In 2019, Jacqueline was nominated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the top 30 innovators in Africa. My Pregnancy Journey subsequently won the MTN App of the Year Award for two consecutive years from 2019. And in 2020, the app was awarded the Impact Award — African challenge of 1000 and AfricaArena, as well as the Best App and Best Social Impact awards in the Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest (Apps UP).

In 2020, My Pregnancy Journey was released on HUAWEI AppGallery and integrated with open capabilities from HMS Core. According to Jacqueline, the team first chose Analytics Kit as the preferred analysis tool for the app, because this kit can accurately evaluate the app’s performance and comprehensively analyze what users have done in the app. With such insights, the team can customize their operations strategies for different user groups and drive up app usage. The team is now trying to integrate In-App Purchases (IAP), which aims to make in-app payment easier. Jacqueline acknowledged that the rewards recognize how useful and valuable the app is and have opened it up to more people. In the future, Jacqueline added that the team would integrate more HMS Core services, to further optimize the app.

Jacqueline has high expectations for her app. She said that the team hopes to educate women about pregnancy and equip them with necessary skills. The app is dedicated to countries and regions that are experiencing the same issues as Africa. Jacqueline said she is passionately promoting the app in such areas and hopes to make the app more multi-lingual, while also creating an AI-powered chatbot for pregnant users and a pregnancy digital ecosystem.

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