Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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The holiday season is around the corner! As the holidays are getting closer, we have the perfect timing to express thanks to our friends, and family. Since you are looking for the perfect tech gift ideas, we have curated a list of the coolest wireless display solutions you can get online.

EZCast Ultra – The true 4K HDR wireless display receiver. Available at Amazon.
This is one of the most affordable and effortless ways to start upgrading your home into a smart house. This wireless display receiver will transform your devices into a remote control to stream and mirror contents to a TV.

EZCast Ultra can incorporate voice control services such as Xiaomi AI Speaker, Tmall Genie, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant for hands-free control. This will enable your loved one to browse your favorite videos online in seconds. Here are other ways in which you can use EZCast Ultra. Ideal gift for a grandpa, or grandma who struggles with remote control.

MiniBox – Portrait display receiver. Available at Amazon.
This present is great because all the family can get some use from it, read this article so you know how it can be perfect for each member of the family. With it you will be able to mirror your mobile content with full screen. You can go to Youtube on your phone and play the video on your TV. All of this while you can use other apps in your phone while still watching the video.

With it you will be able to play mobile games on a bigger screen and even watch live streams of your favorite celebrities on a full screen. This device can also help you to start your smart-home as it has a phenomenal interaction with your voice.

EZCast Beam V3 – LED & Portrait 5GHz wireless projector. Available at Amazon.
This wireless projector is perfect for anyone who would love to have a home-theater, or a gamer who would like to do tournaments on a budget. It has great compatibility with all smartphones to play with mobile games. It also works perfectly with game consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, X-box, or PS4. Read this article to learn why EZCast Beam V3 is the best projector for gaming.

If the purpose is watching movies, we got you covered! This wireless projector provides great audio quality without the necessity of a speaker. You have two great options to watch: you can choose between projecting horizontal images (to watch movies for example), or to watch the content vertically for apps like Tik Tok, or mobile games.

Here are some other ways in which your loved ones can use EZCast Beam V3.

QuattroPod Lite – Wireless conference audio and video transmitter. Available at Amazon.
If you have a friend, or family member which usually has to do presentations for work, college, or others this is the perfect gift. Easily create presentations from the phone, or laptop and stream them to your TV, or projector.

The most amazing part is that QuattroPod Lite has a double purpose as it can also be used for relaxation. Stream your favorite movies and shows from your laptop, PC, Mac or smartphone with the best high definition 4K quality.

For similar solutions visit EZCast Pro.

In conclusion you can get the best wireless display gifts with EZCast and EZCast Pro. Hurry up and get the top tech gifts of 2020!

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