How Does X-axis Linear Motor Make UMIDIGI Bison GT Stand Out?

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How Does X-axis Linear Motor Make UMIDIGI BISON GT Stand Out from the Rugged Phones?

● UMIDIGI BISON GT comes with an X-axis linear motor, making a breakthrough in rugged phones’ user experience.
● Compared with Z-axis linear motors and rotor motors, the X-axis linear motor of BISON GT provides more vivid vibrations and tactile feedback.
● BISON GT features a 64MP AI quad camera, Helio G95, 6.67″ FHD+ FullView display, and IP68 & IP69K rating.
● The BISON GT will go on global sale at only US$239.99 on March 22 on AliExpress.

UMIDIGI officially released the rugged flagship UMIDIGI BISON GT recently, a new version of its BISON series. The newly released BISON GT not only boasts its flagship performance such as Helio G95 processor but also stresses overall user experience, with an X-axis linear motor, the same best type of vibration motor as the new iPhone’s. Compared with most rugged phones packing the rotor motors, BISON GT made a big lead in the vibration experience.

What is an X-axis linear motor?
As we all know, the vibration of mobile phones is achieved by the motor, so we need a better motor if we want a more vivid vibration and better tactile feedback. Currently, there are two kinds of motors on the market, the rotor motor and the linear motor. The principle of the rotor motor is that the magnetic field generated by the energization drives the rotor to rotate, thereby generating vibration, which is the same as the traditional motor. However, the vibration of the rotor motor relies on uneven weight, so that the response speed is slow and the vibration has no directionality.

The linear motor is composed of a stater and a mover. The stater consists of a coil and FPC, and the mover consists of a mass and a magnet. The mover moves in a fixed direction and then generates vibration. The linear motor directly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy of reciprocating linear motion, so it can achieve faster response speed, stronger vibration sensation and more complex and customizable vibration efforts.

What are the advantages of the X-axis linear motor on BISON GT?
There are also two kinds of linear motor, one is Z-axis linear motor and another is X-axis linear motor. Due to the limitation of the thickness of the phone, the moving distance in the Z-axis direction is relatively short, compared with the X-axis direction. So the X-axis linear motor has a stronger vibration sensation than the Z-axis linear motor.

BISON GT brings a breakthrough user experience in all aspects
Paired with the X-axis linear motor, the BISON GT has other flagship specs to provide an unparalleled rugged phone experience. For a smoother gaming experience, BISON GT sports a powerful Helio G95 gaming processor, 8GB + 128GB, and a liquid cooling system. The 6.67’’ FHD+ punch-hole display gets you immersive in every game. And a 5150mAh massive battery with 33W fast charging makes the phone last long without worry.

For other specs, the phone comes with a 64MP quad rear camera setup and a 32MP selfie camera, supporting headset-free FM radio, NFC, and IP68 & IP69K waterproof rating.

Global availability and giveaway
The BISON GT will start global sale at an early bird price of $239.99 at 00:00(PDT) on March 22 on AliExpress. You can add it to cart first in case missing the deal.

Lastly, to let more people enjoy its new rugged flagship, UMIDIGI is giving away 10 units of UMIDIGI BISON GT, and you can join the giveaway and learn more on UMIDIGI’s official website.


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