How to Find out your Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account?

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What if we forget the Mi Cloud password? Mi Cloud account is a frequently used account on Xiaomi mobile phone, which can back up all kinds of data on Mi Cloud. So if our Mi Cloud password is forgotten, how can we find the Mi Cloud password? Next, I will introduce to you the detailed recovery method. 

Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account

The steps of find out Xiaomi Mi Cloud account
Step 1: First, open the Mi Cloud official website and click on the account login center on the home page of the Mi Cloud official website.
Step 2: After entering the Xiaomi account login page, click the “forget password” option below.
Step 3: Then enter the Xiaomi account name that forgot the password, go to the search page, and retrieve the Xiaomi account password by binding the mailbox, mobile phone number and account appeal.

● Email to retrieve the Mi Cloud password this is the easiest way, through the original registered mailbox to send the relevant authentication number, and then enter a mobile phone number which was backup saved in your Mi Cloud contacts, in this way, the password can be found out.
● The mobile phone number retrieves the Mi Cloud password. If your Xiaomi account is bound to your mobile phone account, you can send the relevant mobile phone authentication number and enter the verification. Then open your registered email account and verify it again and you can reset your password.
● Account appeal, Mi Cloud password recovery appeal is the last way, through all channels can not find the Mi Cloud password, you can use it. You can provide all the evidence that you are the true owner of the Mi Cloud number, such as information about previously used mobile devices, ID information, some usage history, and so on. If the information you provide is true and valid, Xiaomi will return the Mi Cloud account password to you.

Is it easy to retrieve the Mi Cloud password? Just try it.

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